Wrong Kata Trio, Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle, The Coyote @ Californo’s

This weekend is Mills Record Company’s first moving party. But it’s not the only party happening in Westport. On Friday (right after the moving celebration shuts down), Wrong Kata Trio, The Coyote, and Eddie Moore and The Outer Circle will fill Californos patio with jazz that reaches every end of the genre’s far-reaching spectrum. Whether your jam is classic, piano lead ballads, ever-building funk, or rhythmically hypnotic explorations, this concert will have something for you.

The Coyote splits their time between jangling funk guitar riffs and spacey interludes. Never straying too far from their groovy funk roots, the Kansas City four piece mixes elements of indie pop and neo-folk into their music. The result is a sound that is simultaneously polished and raw. The Coyote’s ability to layer stunning vocal harmonies over shimmering instrumentals adds an otherworldly quality to their songs. To say the band sounds like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young making a funk record–a fusion of aesthetics that is as original as it is beautiful–would not be too far from the truth. But The Coyote does so much more than mash the psychedelic folk and funk together. The band reinvents what music should be.

Eddie Moore and The Outer Circle lands on the more “traditional” end of the jazz spectrum. Cool bass rhythms and sparkling keys lay a foundation for the other instruments to fill. The quartet does well to bounce between the smoother and more incendiary elements of jazz to round out their sound. Constantly adding and modulating their parts, the band does well never to tread the same musical road twice, and this does well to keep their songs in constant tension between familiarity and surprise from start to end. Equally taut on record as they are on stage (or in a live studio session), Eddie Moore and The Outer Circle proves that jazz is still alive and well in Kansas City. The quartet technical skill and stage presence makes them an act you do not want to miss.

Wrong Kata Trio burns through their jazz with the pedal-happy fury of a prog rock band. But they’re not prog rock (though their songs progress–moving to more and more complex rhythmic patterns). They have over-affected lead lines and pummeling drums; they have hooks and meandering jams; they have speedy melodies and amorphous textures. In short, Wrong Kata Trio incorporates so much into their sound that it’s hard to classify the band’s aesthetic. What I can say about the trio is that they make some fantastic music. Whether you’re a fan of 8-bit dance music, unforgiving rock, or Brubeck-esque jazz, Wrong Kata Trio has some thread for you; and the band weaves it all together for a sound that is as cohesive as it is diverse.

Friday’s show will be a perfect way to spend the evening. The patio concert starts at 9pm (a perfect post-Moving Celebration party) and is $5. Eddie Moore and The Outer Circle, The Coyote, and Wrong Kata Trio will spin some jazz not to be missed.

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