This Weekend: Mills Record Company’s Last Move In Celebration

If you didn’t already know, Mills Record Company has a new home. To celebrate and to break in the new location, the store has been throwing a three weekend party. The first weekend featured awesome performances from Conductor Williams & Weaver, [Explicit Content], Narc Parade, Thunderclaps, Real Adults, and many more as well as 5,000 newly arrived used records. The second weekend saw Gnarly Davidson, Keef Mountain, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Emmaline Twist, Merlin, and others and another 1,000 newly arrived records. And this weekend will unveil yet another 1,000 newly arrived used records and performances by: Inner Altar, Peasant, Altered Beast, Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type, The Ovaries-eez, and Drugs + Attics for one hell of a closing weekend.

Friday night will be a night of heavy, riff fueled rock. Inner Altar makes some of the most accomplished doom in the area. Groovy without losing their hazed metal, Inner Altar’s Vol 1 touches all the benchmarks of a solid doom album–heavy riffs, epic and melancholy vocals, dense apocalyptic imagery, and drums that beat it all into place. Altered Beast is faster, moving well within the punkier edges thrash and hardcore. The five piece burns through their riffs with an unrelenting speed. Peasant is a Cape Town hardcore staple. The band highlights punishing speed with slowed  breaks and gang vocals. Never losing their initial growl, Peasant overloads their songs with a complex depth that does more than asks for a second or third listen. It demands them.

For those of you who aren’t into heavy music, Saturday will be the in store for you. Featuring catchy punk, ethereal folk, and synth pop, the night will close out Mills Record Company’s month long move in celebration well. The Ovaries-eez make harmony-centric folk. The trio diffuses their stunning harmonies over warm guitar chords and folksy stomped percussion. Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type has a sparkle to their music–one that gussies up even their most snarling lyrics. The band infuses their music with enough shake to be danceable and enough complexity to keep their listeners interested. Drugs & Attics makes music that is as vulnerable as it is powerful. The Kansas City trio’s songs beg to be chorused whether they come from computer speakers or a venue’s PA.

This Friday and Saturday will be the last days of Mills Record Company’s month long Move In Celebration. So come out and check the 1,000 newly arrived used records that will be hitting the shelves Friday morning (as well as all the other new and used goodies throughout the store) and then peep some music Friday and Saturday night. Whether you’re a fan of grinding heaviness or pop-infused indie, this weekend will have live and recorded music to fit your fancy.

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