No Wave Fest This Saturday

This Saturday will mark the first annual No Wave Fest. The fledgling, one day festival will join the ranks of the myriad other festivals in the Kansas City area. Though new, No Wave Fest boasts a heavy hitting roster, featuring local music veterans (Jorge Arana Trio, CS Luxem, Josh Berwanger Band, Riala, and Rev Gusto) with up and coming musicians (Eggs on Mars, Sinple, Jungle Behavior, Snakeoids, and BB Gun). With acts like this, the festival is sure to have a long stay in Kansas City.

Starting the day off, Eggs on Mars has a spacey pop sound that is equally catchy and psychedelic. The trio’s songs mesmerize even when they bring all their layers to the immediate surface. Eggs on Mars doesn’t use recording tricks to give their songs depth. All of their sounds sit on an equal plane, which gives them a deceptively simple sound. Though out of this seeming simplicity, the band creates songs that are vibrant and lush. One third 90′s alt psychedelia, one third Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s pop, one third porch music, Eggs on Mars keeps things jangling without losing any tension.

CS Luxem changes the pace a little. Still within the realms of psychedelia, the Lawrence based musician weaves droning layers together to create a patchwork of sonic textures that completely envelope their listener. CS Luxem constantly tests the limits in size and structure of his sounds. Moving from washed out atmospheres, to pop structured melodies, to chanting choruses, the musician writes songs that are indeed larger than life. Even recorded, his songs have a physicality to them that demands a stage performance.

Moving in a darker vein, Jungle Behavior makes music that is grimy and fast. With the visceral feel of Nirvana and a completely entrancing bass line, the band’s single, “Alienation,” has a heat to it that is without compare. And Jungle Behavior takes this heat and doubles it on stage. With a live show that has all the bravado of the best arena-age prog rock and a punked up attitude, the quartet demands attention when they take the stage. Definitely one to catch, Jungle Behavior blends the best of punk, doom, and prog to create something unlike anything that has preceded it.


The night will feature these three bands and many more. From the dark and brooding material of Riala’s first LP, to Sinple’s sci-fi textures, to the ruckus shimmering of Jorge Arana Trio’s noise-jazz, to the spacey psy-pop of Rev Gusto, and so many more. The first No Wave Fest will pack a punch, so get out to FOKL this Saturday and see one of the festivals that will surely become a staple in Kansas City,

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