Valley Hush, Erica Joy, Dylan Guthrie, Modern Friend @ recordBar

Tito’s Sound Machine is at it again. This Friday at recordBarValley Hush, Erica Joy, Dylan Guthrie, and Modern Friend will take the stage for a night of electronic (ish) pop and stunning performances–seriously, if you’ve seen any one of these bands play, then you know just what I mean. It’s basically spring, so let these bands rock you into the new season.

Modern Friend makes super-slick synth pop. The Kansas City duo keeps a driving beat behind their lush and danceable lead lines for a sound that is full of hooks. With vocal melodies that are genuine and genuinely beautiful, Modern Friend is poised to be your new favorite band. With hints of The Weeknd’s poppier iterations and the rougher cuts of The 1975, this duo writes some great music that is sure to get everyone onto the dance floor.

Dylan Guthrie & The Good Time Guys makes that Steely Dan-tinged pop that is perfect for a laid back day in the sun. Slinky and sweet, the band does well to create catchy moment after catchy moment without differing to the lowest common denominator. Dylan Guthrie & The Good Time Guys’ live EP is accessible but still ornate–combining pop and jazz in surprising ways. Not high-energy but not slow moving, the EP is a glimpse at the energy and presence these guys can bring to the stage.

Moving in a different vein, Erica Joy’s music eschews the more uplifting tones for moody vibes and brooding ethereality. Part Chelsea Wolfe and part Brandi Carlile, Erica Joy’s music is intense and constantly flirts with the line between melancholy and mania. The juxtaposition of these two tones gives her songs a depth that is rare in any music, though Joy makes this alchemical process seem easy track after track. All that said, there is a happiness that hides at the center of her aesthetic. This bit of light is a driving force in her songs.


If you haven’t heard Valley Hush yet, you should change that now. The Detroit duo recently signed to The Record Machine and their self-titled debut has become a go-to of mine. Hints of Depeche Mode and other flag-bearers of the darker side of pop peek through the band’s synthetic arrangements. Equal parts catch and brood, Valley Hush is not for the faint of heart. Valley Hush is the perfect soundtrack for a night in or pouring from a venue’s PA. Backing up their recorded pop genius, the duo puts on a show that is second to none.

And this Friday, Valley HushErica JoyDylan Guthrie, and Modern Friend will be under the same roof. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

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