Upcoming Show: Sorority Noise in Lawrence 05/09/17


Feeling a little emotional lately? Connecticut emo/indie/pop punk powerhouse Sorority Noise will bring their feel-good/feel-sad brand of catchy rock to the Jackpot in Lawrence tomorrow – May 9th. Their sound gets them lumped in with groups like Modern Baseball, Tigers Jaw and The Front Bottoms, but Sorority Noise choose to incorporate louder and heavier moments in their music more often than the aforementioned bands.

Make no mistake about it, Sorority Noise relish in the depressive, introspective lyrics that someone like Brand New does so well – hell, can Sorority Noise just be the second coming of Brand New? The group is currently on tour in support of their third album You’re Not As_____As You Think, released back in March to rave reviews from Pitchfork and AllMusic. Showing a more mature sound, the group still isn’t afraid to come unhinged and let loose with a cathartic explosion of energy and emotion. It’s easy to see the natural progression from Sorority Noise’s earlier material to now, but it’s hard to believe the band can change and still be making quality tunes.

Sorority Noise will be at the Jackpot in Lawrence on May 9th (this Tuesday!!!!) alongside Mat Kerekes (from Citizen) and The Obsessives as openers. 7 PM – be there or be square!

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