Toughies EP Release with Dreamgirl & Maybe Not

This Friday, Toughies will celebrate the release of their EP, Tough Enough. Dreamgirl and Maybe Not will join them on stage for what will prove to be a night of great indie pop. Whether their sound is brushed with distortion or cool and slick, each band has a well of a talent that is very deep and the ability to craft hook after hook.

Maybe Not as a subtlety to their music that is reminiscent of early 2000′s Minus The Bear or the mellow slacker rock of the late 90s. The Lawrence quartet makes songs that patch together gritty leads and throbbing rhythms with lyrics that have a John Darnielle-like cleverness to them. The band’s self-awareness and penchant for catchy melodies does more than enough to create songs that are perfect for road tripping, shuffling around an apartment, or blaring from a stage. Maybe Not’s music has a feel to it that screams perfect for the stage.


I could listen to Dreamgirl’s “Mythos” on repeat forever. The song, which appears on the Record Machine’s sampler, How To Keep Dreaming Vol. I, has the perfect mix of dance-y synth-lines, falsetto harmonies, and complicatedly sexual lyrics. Everything about the song is found in their Illuminaughty EP. The St. Joe band seems to have a corner on the market for clean, 70s revival pop. Dreamgirl’s bubbly pop is infectious and lingering. There’s a playfulness and danger to it–a combination that creates startling moments in every song. Combining their musical talent with a presence that is as fun, the band puts on a show that is second to none. Definitely, keep this act on your radar (if they aren’t already).

Closing the night, Toughies has a sound that is instantly classic. Part meandering jam, part late 90s alternative, the Lawrence four-piece writes songs that have drive. Behind the band’s fuzzed over leads lies well-crafted pop. Stealing the best of fuzz-rock and indie pop, Toughies make music that hits a variety of tones. Whether it’s the mellow psychedelic feel of “What Are Hands For?” or the rumbling jitters of “Horsefeather,” the band fills their music with a passion that’s hard to come by. Complex even at their most catchy, never lacking physicality, the band’s scant online material bodes well for Tough Enough. On stage, the band sacrifices none of their warmth, giving a show as great to watch as it is to listen to.

The show boasts some of the best indie pop bands in the area. The show starts at 10pm. It will definitely be worth the drive to Lawrence for all of us here in Kansas City. All three bands will be playing much larger venues soon.

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