Top Ten Albums of 2015 [Judy Mills' Picks]

10) Title Fight Hyperview–not the hardcore emo band you remember.  This record shows a more shoegaze version of the band that I keep going back to.

9) Joanna Newsom Divers–Will not convince you if you are not a Joanna fan.  But if you are, you’ll love “Divers” for being more concise but equally ethereal.

8) Low Ones and Sixes–Sure it’s slowcore, but it’s still tense, and gorgeous and engaging.  “Lies” (song) gets in your head and leaves you all the better for it.

7) Grimes “Art Angels”–I feel like I’m watching Boucher decide the Voice she wants to have.  Empowered, smart pop, that needs to be in everyone’s headphones.

6) Wand Golem–Fuzzy, lo-fi and heavy with a lick of psych, but undoubtedly an Ty Segal record.  Most played in record in store of 2015.

5) Shamir Ratchet–Guilt free pop with a delicate vocal, but don’t worry Shamir has an edge and this is just his first record.  Can’t wait to watch his career unfold.

4) Bummer Spank–Heavy, hard hitting opening track will make you bang your head, but the hooks keep you til the end.  Do not miss this band live either. #local

3) Kamasi Washington The Epic–Find it because of it’s hip/hop connection, love it because it’s simply great, new jazz.

2) Neko Case Truck Driver, Gladiator, Mule–No new music but the Virginian on vinyl for the first time in this glorious package got me all giddy.

1) Jim O’Rourke Simple Songs–these are not simple songs, but O’Rourke tones down the noise and brings us songs about aging and being world weary etc with intelligent humor and luxe arrangements.

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  1. Jake

    Since its that time of year. Here are my top 10 Best Albums of 2015.

    1. ArtAngel–Grimes. This album grabs makes you listen, makes you want to dance and leave your blood on the dance floor. Best track. Flesh without Blood

    2. Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit–Courtney Barnett. The most out and out rocking album on my list. Best track. Pedestrian At Best

    3. Sprinter– TORRES. It’s about faith in God. Doubt in God and reconciling this cognitive dissonance. Best track. New Skin

    4. Emotion–Carly Rae Jepsen. Yes. The Call Me Maybe chanteuse has come back with amazing groovy pop that shows her talent extends past one hit wonder territory. Best track. Run Away With Me.

    5. Sol Invictus–Faith No More. Mike Patton and the gang get back together and do it their way without compromise. Best track. Sunny Side Up

    6. Dark Lights Up–Eleni Mandell. A beautiful and deeply personal dedication to Nashville. Best track. What Love Can Do.

    7. What a Terrible World What a Beautiful World–The Decemberists. Oh man. What a record to end their hiatus with. Haunting. Polished. Mature. Devastating. Best track. Carolina Low

    8. Music Complete–New Order. Yes! You read that right! New Order! Haven’t lost a New Romantic beat. Best track Stray Dog

    9. Pageant Ready–Kasey Musgraves. Imagine Willie Nelson and all that entails only 1000x cuter. Best track. Biscuits

    10. Poison Season–Destroyer. I can’t even explain the beauty of this record. It’s like a fever dream on the most mellow sour you have ever known. Best track. The whole album.

    So what’s your favorite music this year?

    Jenni Holma Jennifer Falco. Jennifer Hankin. Taylor Beller. McCoy C McMillan. Lindsey Morales. Linda Morrison Henderson. Tonni Brown. Kassey Barnhart. Raina Heinrich. Christie Jones. Cara Erickson-Park.


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