Thunderclaps, The Quivers, Old Grey Dog @ Jackpot Saloon

This Saturday, Jackpot Saloon will host Thunderclaps, The Quivers, and Old Grey Dog. The bands onĀ  the bill swing from experimental honky tonk to rockabilly, to garage rock, to blues-influenced rock n roll. While their sounds cover an array of aesthetics, all three acts have one thing in common: they write songs that have catchy hooks. Their ability to create ear-worm after ear-worm all but guarantee a show that will be the event to see on Saturday.

The Quivers mix 60′s Soul with a garage rock twist. The Kansas City quartet has an energy and a passion that is palpable on record and a stage presence that underscores these qualities. Each song by The Quivers has a chord driven base over which the band diffuse their saloon key leads and powerful vocals. Vocalist, Terra Skaggs, belts out lyrics with an intensity that is downright intimidating. Backed by crisp harmonies, Skaggs’ voice is definitely a strong point of the band. That said, The Quivers offer much more than vocal power. The band has the ability to take the classic warmth of the 60s and retool it to make it their own. Instrumental songs like “Chop Top Roadster” mesmerize with their heated organ chords and bouncing guitar riffs. The energy this quartet puts into their music portends a great live show.

Old Grey Dog describes themselves as experimental honky tonk. While I have no idea what that means (mostly because I can’t find any recordings by the band), it sounds spectacular. Judging by the band’s live photos, they seem like they put on an energetic and fun show.

I’ve written about Thunderclaps before. The duo’s unique blend of past and present has quickly made them one of my favorite acts in Kansas City. Despite being a duo, Thunderclaps make a lot of sound. Each of their songs brims with their lush arrangements. That said, they never feel too full or lose that sense of breath that makes for catchy rhythms. I could say their vocals could make Bo Diddly turn in his grave or that their guitar riffs seem to be transplanted from the best examples of 50s and 60s rock, but to do so would short change the band. Thunderclaps have a sound as contemporary as traditional. No matter who the band is compared to, there’s some quality that seems to escape description. And it’s this quality that makes the band so exciting on their recordings and so dynamic on stage.


Saturday night at Jackpot will be rocking. Featuring The Quivers, Old Grey Dog, and Thunderclaps, the saloon will host some great acts to groove to. The show starts at 7pm and won’t be one to miss.

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