Three Shows at Mills Record Company

Mills Record Company is kicking off April right. April is known as both the home of Record Store Day and National Poetry Month. This month, Mills Record Company is also going to make it the month of the most amazing shows. During the first full weekend, the store will host: Heidi Gluck and The Pony Show, Mikal Shapiro, and Crystal Rose, Arc Flash and Chasm, and Bummer, Vohnkar, and Pinko for three unforgettable nights.

Beginning this musical triptych on a Thursday, Heidi Gluck and The Pony show will begin their tour in support of the singer songwriter’s latest album, Pony Show. Gluck’s album is slow and mesmerizing. Constantly hinting at the melancholy that hides in the corners of everyday interactions, Pony Show is sweet but hauntingly so. Mikal Shapiro will join Gluck with her jazzy melodies–if you haven’t caught this musician live, then you should change that immediately. Splitting her time between electronic RnB and acoustic melodies, Crystal Rose has pipes by any metric. Whether backed by a synth-orchestra or just an acoustic guitar, Rose can stun even the most unstunnable.

The next day, BUMMER and Pinko will celebrate their split on High Dive Records with Vohnkar and a special battle set. All these bands pack enough wattage to blow up the city. If you’re looking for body shuddering riffs, explosive percussion, and bass that will rattle the windows, look no further than this Friday show. BUMMER’s music has been in a constant evolution since its inception. Now, noisier and sludgier than ever, the band is set to burst onto the national scene–having been booked on a nationwide tour with Whores. PINKO, hailing from San Antonio, make music that is dizzying. Part early Blood Brothers, part Eyes of The Betrayer, part groove-busting riff machine, the three piece’s sound is unclassifiable.


Ending these three show sprint, Arc Flash will debut their album, Carbon Copy. The album is full of crunchy psychedelia and pop punk riffage–a perfect summer album. Finding the intersection between the pop of Wavves, the riff of rockabilly, and the weird, future primitive sound of bands like BRAINIAC, Arc Flash constantly moves their sound forward. Joining the duo will be the doomy metal of CHASM. Heavy riffs and noise-laced vocals give CHASM a hazed over fill (think Black Sabbath meets Le Tigre). Combine these elements with a seemingly limitless energy, the Kansas City band destroys everything–whether their music pumps through speakers or barrels through a PA.


These three shows will be a treat. Whether its the tension filled folk of Heidi Gluck and The Pony Show, the Neanderthal riffage of BUMMER and Pinko, or the noise-pop of Arc Flash (or any of the other bands that will join them on stage), This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be a veritable feast of live music.

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