All Things Dead: Origin Live in Kansas City 09/09

King Parrot Live

Photo courtesy of Matt Atkinson

Ending a 2-month tour cycle that coincided with vocalist Jason Keyser’s birthday, Origin had their brand of insanely technical death metal meshed with gallons of alcohol that turned the Riot Room into a frenzy of flailing limbs, spilled liquids and lots of smiles last night.

Opening the show as the sole local band, Profanation got things started with their take on brutal death metal that was reminiscent at times of both Devourment and Waking the Cadaver. A set filled with slam riffs that went over very well with the small crowd who was there early.

The first of the touring bands was Abolishment of Flesh from Texas. Taking the vocal stylings and riffing from bands like Deicide, Abolishment of Flesh made for a very enjoyable set of crushing death metal. A decidedly old-school take on death metal with a modern twinge on it made it very memorable.

Your Chance To Die, from South Carolina, were next and brought something a little different to the table. Comprised of a vocalist, a drummer and two guitarists, they were very reminiscent of a more modern version of a band like Cerebral Bore – very brutal death metal moments but also interjecting spurts of melodic guitar solos and breakdowns as well. Also, vocalist Missi Avila is one of the best extreme metal vocalists I’ve personally ever heard live.

Showcasing the depth of this lineup from top to bottom, Montreal’s Beyond Creation were the next band up. Just like their other Canadian brothers in Augury, Archspire and Quo Vadis, Beyond Creation is a technical death metal band with progressive leanings in their music as well. Each member was dripping with talent, especially exemplified by bassist Dominic “Forest” Lapointe, who plays a fretless bass which produces one of the best sounds in metal history. The entire band was very tight – hardly an easy feat considering how intricate and technical Beyond Creation’s music is. But no matter which band member the crowd focused on – they were in for a treat.

Providing direct support was Australia’s King Parrot. Before the music started, the band couldn’t seem more normal. However, after a set full of stage dives, hanging from the rafters of the Riot Room, performing on the bar of the venue, getting piggybacks from random crowd members, spraying 20+ bottles of water everywhere and insanely fast grindcore – they left their mark on Kansas City. Along with an unforgettable stage presence, the band put a catchy spin on grindcore, which isn’t easy to do. They sounded like a more intense version of the classic grind band Birdflesh. Easily one of the top performances the Riot Room has ever seen.

origin live

Photo courtesy of Kylie Ackerson

How would Origin, with their now-legendary stage performances, handle a venue with a stage not conducive to stage diving? Turns out – they’ll make due. Guitarist Paul Ryan, bassist Mike Flores, drummer John Longstreth and vocalist Jason Keyser are all masters of their craft in their own right but when put together, it’s some of the most insanely orchestrated chaos any stage has ever seen. While they ripped through cuts off their new albums and a few classic ones as well, the mosh pit was nonstop and there were even a few stage divers. Normally, vocalist Keyser orchestrates the crowd during songs and chides them into taking over the stage. But, seeing as it was his birthday, he had to concentrate to not fall off the stage (which he did a few times, admittedly) but luckily it did not hinder his fantastic vocal performance in the least. So, although maybe this wasn’t the best venue to see Origin in, everyone made the best of the situation to put on yet another legendary Origin performance.


Expulsion of Fury
All Things Dead
The Aftermath
Banishing Illusion
Redistribution of Filth
Unattainable Zero

King Parrot:

The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash
Hell Comes Your Way
Dead End
Cold Steel Probe
Lawnmower Dog
Shit on the Liver
Psychotherapy and Valium
Epileptic Butcher
Silly Ol’ Mate

Beyond Creation:

No Request for the Corrupted
Elusive Reverence
Omnipresent Perception
Earthborn Evolution


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  1. Sergio

    Great review of what is probably the best show I’ve ever seen at the Riot Room. All of the bands played their hearts out and the crowd really gave back, too. Cheers!


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