Tandem and Mangosteen In Store

This Friday Mills Record Company will turn the lights down low and let the smooth stylings of Mangosteen and Tandem. While each band occupies different aesthetic spheres, there is one continuity: a hint of jazz that is slinky enough to get the stiffest fan to groove along with their songs. Tandem will heat you up, and Mangosteen will cool you off. Both will provide a solid base for the night.

Tandem’s glittering post-rock has all the ethereal beauty of Sigur Ros or Grizzly Bear and all the energy of Minus The Bear or American Football. The trio’s ability to collage riffs and leads to create lush tapestries of sound that never lose their tension infuses their music with a depth that is rare in bands with only an EP under their belts. Yet, Tandem’s song unfurl like a much more experienced band. When the vocals peak through the almost otherworldly instrumentals, they add a distinctly early aughts post-hardcore feel.

All that said, Tandem pieces their songs together with such a discerning ear that it is hard to pin down their exact influences. Hints of post-rock and post-hardcore come together with bits of math-rock and indie pop to create a mix of tones that never ceases to surprise. Throughout their EP, Universe Cities, there is a brooding undercurrent to their light and atmospheric leads and rhythms–a perfect juxtaposition to bring to the stage.

Skirting the lush for the lusty, Mangosteen’s songs spin like a punkier rephrasal of bedroom jazz funk. The band keeps a funky rhythm at the core of their songs, letting their leads diffuse over it like a layer of steam over a hot bath for two. But there’s much more than sex appeal to Mangosteen’s music. Jamming together incendiary guitar riffs with twinkling piano leads, throbbing bass with driving percussion, the band doesn’t leave anything out.

Their songs are maximal in the best of ways–leaving no current unexplored, packing their songs with so much funk. The Columbia band bounces between rock and jazz with an ease that many bands try for but few achieve. Their baritone vocals is the glue that holds all the moving parts of their songs together. But despite the complexity of their music, Mangosteen is able to recreate their recorded material live with a precision that is unparalleled.

Whether you are into the post-rock shimmering of Tandem or the grooving jazz funk of Mangosteen, Mills Record Company has a show for you this Friday. While both bands have different aesthetics, they share the same passion for crafting beautiful riffs and leads. Both these bands will kickstart the weekend, so stop by and peep some records while Mangosteen and Tandem play their music. The show starts at 7pm.

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