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New Releases 5/12 @ Mills Record Company

All Hell — The Grave Alchemist (limited edition gold and blood red splatter vinyl) All That Remains — Madness (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket) Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel — I Can Spin A Rainbow (2xLP w/ gatefold jacket) Bob’s Burgers — The Bob’s Burgers Music Album (3xLP w/ trifold jacket, comes with postcard and poster) […]

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Jackson May’s Top Ten Shows of 2016

  Kansas City and Lawrence only seem to grow in terms of how many quality shows a year we get, and 2016 was no exception. These are my picks for greatest shows/performances in the KC area for 2016. NOTE 1: I like mostly heavy music, so don’t go into this expecting to see 96.5 The […]


Mills Record Company Black Friday List

Afghan Whigs — Black Love (Expanded Edition) Afghan Whigs — Black Love (Expanded CD Edition) Alice Cooper — Live From The Astroturf (7-inch) Alice in Chains — Live—Facelift Amanda Palmer — Strung Out In Heaven Andy Black — The Shadow Side Anthrax — A Monster at the End / Vice of the People (7-inch) The […]

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Live Tonight: Week of June 6th – June 12th: Happy International Day of Slayer!

June 6th every year, as everyone knows, is International Slayer Day. It’s a joyous, festive celebration of all things Slayer, including (but not limited to) blaring Slayer albums as loud as possible for 24 straight hours, carving Slayer’s logo into any surface you can find and generally just being as awesome as possible. Slayer is […]


Live Tonight: Week of January 11th – January 17th: Hello 2016!

Hey everyone! Hope your new year resolutions are still intact. Hit that gym, put down that bottle, read those books and take in those art installations! Although it’s freezing outside (no joke the inside of my car is frosting over some days), there’s still live shows to see. So get some hot chocolate, get a […]