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Moon Duo Live in Ravenna Review

Moon Duo has a static-steeped, jam-fueled feel in their live album, Moon Duo: Live in Ravenna. This could be in part due to the addition of a live drummer, which, per their website, happened just in time for their European tour. After a the now trio played a few dates, they seemed to fit well […]

Odd Future Continues To Surprise With Trash Talk

Odd Future Records is one of the most exciting labels today. Started by Tyler The Creator and a slew of other southern California rappers, the label stays as fresh as its constituents, which is to say it continually reinvents its identity as it breathes live into a scene previously bursting apathy. I was elated when I […]

Finding the Key to Happiness: Kyle Kinane at the Record Bar

“I found the key to happiness,” comedian Kyle Kinane insists in a craggy, Chicago-heavy accent. Budweiser in one hand and a microphone in the other, he tells the sold-out crowd at Westport’s Record Bar, “you just need to loosen up your definition of what a miracle is.” Throughout the night, it’s a constant in his […]


Roky Erickson Live at the Granada

Garage rocker/psychedelic innovator Roky Erickson’s fascination with horror flicks is well-documented. He gleefully laughed in Vincent Price fashion behind his piano as flames burned bright. Freak lab-experiments litter his verses and demons are never far from thought. Even his most “well-known” solo song romanticizes zombies in a way Romero could only dream of. But perhaps […]