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Move In Party @ Mills Record Company: Night One

After an epic few days of moving records, bins, t-shirts, and more, Mills Record Company has settled into the new space on 4045 Broadway. With more than double the space, a better sound system, and a bigger stage, the new location promises greatness. And the store is wasting no time–especially with that stage. Next weekend, […]

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Top Ten Local Releases of 2015 [Brian Clifton's Picks]

It’s that time of the year: the winter holidays are beginning to commence, the weather is consistently cold, nostalgia for 2015 is slowly creeping over Facebook. That also means that it’s time for our Top Ten lists. To kick of the top ten season, I’m going to list my top picks for songs by local […]


Thunderclaps, The Quivers, Old Grey Dog @ Jackpot Saloon

This Saturday, Jackpot Saloon will host Thunderclaps, The Quivers, and Old Grey Dog. The bands onĀ  the bill swing from experimental honky tonk to rockabilly, to garage rock, to blues-influenced rock n roll. While their sounds cover an array of aesthetics, all three acts have one thing in common: they write songs that have catchy […]


Thunderclaps Cook Up a Good Time

Admittedly, when I first came across Thunderclaps‘ online material, I shuddered. I could tell that under lo-fi noise there was something glittering, but that glittering always seemed to be a bit out of reach. Listening to them, for me, was like listening to early Leadbelly recordings–the grit almost out-shined the gold. And then I saw […]


Thunderclaps, The Rey-Tones, and Zach Bauman Photographs @ Mills Record Company

Tomorrow, Mills Record Company will host a show that is as aurally stunning as it is visually. Featuring The Thunderclaps and The Rey-Tones music on stage and Zach Bauman‘s photography on the wall, the show is sure to be a treat. Zach Bauman’s photography has been dotted Kansas City’s scenes from Mills Record Company’s photo […]


Admiral of the Red and The Thunderclaps @ Mills Record Company

This Friday, Mills Record Company will continue their in store concert series with two grooving bands: Admiral of the Red and The Thunderclaps. Both bands feature chunky guitar riffs that bop along like surf anthems without losing the harder edge of straight-forward rock ‘n roll. Combining the two together will send this in store back […]