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The Riot Room


P.O.S. and Ceschi @ Riot Room

Without P.O.S., there wouldn’t be Death Grips or Clipping or anything on Anticon. The Minneapolis native is able to charge a line with such an intensity that even the most mundane sentiments, when spilling from his mouth, have a punch few MCs can match. Joining P.O.S. on stage will be Ceschi Ramos, who splices lightning […]


Mothership, Hyborian, Custom Black, Orphans of Doom @ Riot Room

Tomorrow, Mothership will land at The Riot Room to unfurl its spacey metal. The band will be joined by local outfits: Hyborian, Custom Black, and Orphans of Doom for a night of smokey riffs and heavy percussion. If all enfolding doom is your jam, than The Riot Room on Monday will be the place to […]


Woods and Ultimate Painting @ Riot Room

There’s something earthy to the the melodies and rhythms of both Woods and Ultimate Painting. Woods makes music that jumps between rural ambiance and funk-fused folk, and Ultimate Painting’s sound is folk-centered shrouded by strikingly honest indie pop. The two acts both have a quality to their sounds that is warm and inviting, poppy without […]


Hop Along @ Riot Room With Doby Watson and La Guerre

Tomorrow, Hop Along, Doby Watson, and La Guerre will fill The Riot Room with their music in what will be one powerful show. The three acts, though occupying separate realms of indie rock, have one thing in common: the ability to craft catchy and unfathomably deep songs. When I say “deep” I don’t just mean […]


Second Hand King Reigns In Latest Album

Jazz and hip hop have been interwoven since the 80s, but their mixture has become more prominent in the past couple years. Whether it’s national (Kendrick Lamar’s jazz odyssey To Pimp a Butterfly, Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead, Med, Blue & Madlib’s Bad Neighbor) or local (The Phantastics, iLLPHONics, or Second Hand King), the marriage between the two genres […]


The Republic Tigers and Ishi @ The Riot Room

Tomorrow, The Riot Room will host local legends, The Republic Tigers, and Dallas-based Ishi for a patio show that will be as nice as the weather. The two bands, while occupying different realms of pop, make music that is impossible not to feel pulsing through one’s body. In other words, The Republic Tigers and Ishi […]


Local Showcase: The Noise FM

Okay, technically The Noise FM now lives in Chicago. But the duo had its beginning in Lawrence, and the Kansas town’s psy-pop sheen stays close to the band’s aesthetic. From their earliest release to their latest, Attraction, the band has crafted well-structured songs that leave little out. Attraction bubbles with a sexuality that has all […]

A Celebration Of Guilt: Arsis live in Kansas City 09/24

The heavy metal magazine Decibel (pretty much the only heavy metal magazine anymore it seems) recently put out a list of the top 100 death metal albums of all time. At #50, ahead of albums like Opeth’s “Blackwater Park,” Nocturnus’ “The Key,” and Death’s “Spiritual Healing” was 2004′s “A Celebration Of Guilt” by Arsis. Last […]

Live Tonight: Week of September 8th – September 14th: IT’S HAPPENING!

  How was the Crossroads Music Fest? If you’ve ever visited Austin, TX, you’ve probably gone outside during any time of the day and ran into a band playing music – that’s kind of what it was like in downtown KC on Saturday. More city-wide festivals, please. Kansas City is rapidly becoming another Austin because […]

The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich at The Riot Room

  Last night, The Riot Room was packed stage to bar for The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich, and for good reason. The two bands tossed their thickened live sounds through the venue, shaking windows and chest cavities alike. Standing on opposite ends of the dreampop/shoegaze spectrum, The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich took the stage in […]

Video Review and Show Preview: The Antlers

The Antlers’ latest release, Familiars, came out last week, pouring out its gentle soundscapes with an elegance that is hard to match. The whole album swells with distant and droning horns and textured guitars. It washes over its listeners in all-encompassing waves. This liquid-like pervasiveness doesn’t seem lost on the band or the directors of […]

Show Preview: Phox at The Riot Room 6/25

Phox jangles with all the trappings of summer indie pop. A lovely mixture of all the best parts of myriad of bands, Phox carves out their sound by commingling their various influences. Eschewing the hazy and reverb-heavy sound that has been defining a large swath of indie pop, they belt out their songs with crystal […]