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Johnny Marr

7/6/2018 New Releases at Mills Record Company

A-Ha — Hunting High and Low (Clear Vinyl / Limited Edition) Anthony Green — Would You Still Be In Love A Perfect Circle — Eat The Elephant (Limited Edition Blue & Red Vinyl / DIgital Download Included) Brent Cowles — How To Be Okay Alone Clutch — How To Shake Hands b/w Gimmie The Keys […]

12 Days of Christmas: Alternative Edition

Enough with the tired hymnals and the re-re-re-re-recordings of every typical Christmas song under the sun. Some bands put their own spin on holiday music to create their own Christmas-themed classics. Which ones did we miss? Smashing Pumpkins – Christmastime The first word that comes to mind when referencing something to do with Billy Corgin […]