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Fullbloods, Beat Bums, Youth Pool @ The Brick

This Saturday, Fullbloods, Youth Pool, and Beat Bums will play The Brick. Each band strikes a different chord aesthetically, and together they represent a good smattering of indie rock. Fullbloods’ surfy pop is catchy and laid back; Youth Pool envelopes their listeners in waves of sound; Beat Bums collide sounds to create something totally unclassifiable. […]


Royalphonic, Fire Dog, and Ayllu @ The Brick

This Friday, The Brick will host local soul jazz wanders Royalphonic, St. Louis pop rockers Fire Dog, and Kansas City’s own Latino traditionalists Ayllu. While each band occupies a different aesthetic space, they all find the sweet spot of technical proficiency and sloppy passion. These two elements come together in all three acts to make […]


Leggy, Arc Flash, Sneaky Creeps, Lil Toughies @ The Brick

This Thursday, The Brick will host one hell of a show bill. The concert will be a must attend for any fan of dirty, fuzzed-over punk. Whether it’s Arc Flash‘s mathy play, Lil Toughies‘ bouncing punk, Sneaky Creeps‘ wailing distortions, or Leggy‘s catchy garage rock, the show will offer something for everyone. This late show […]