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Relax with Under The Big Oak Tree’s Local Honey

Under the Big Oak Tree might be a long band name, but it fits. The St. Joseph bluegrass group’s second album, “Local Honey,” sounds like the Ozarks in album form. The standard bluegrass elements are there. Mandolin, guitar, fiddle, double bass, autoharp, etc. The harmonies are tight, the vocals smooth and, well, dripping with honey. […]


Toughies EP Release with Dreamgirl & Maybe Not

This Friday, Toughies will celebrate the release of theirĀ EP, Tough Enough. Dreamgirl and Maybe Not will join them on stage for what will prove to be a night of great indie pop. Whether their sound is brushed with distortion or cool and slick, each band has a well of a talent that is very deep […]


The Record Machine Keeps Dreaming

The Record Machine is a force. The Kansas City label has boasted some of the biggest bands to come from the area. Not only that, the label has always been committed to keeping their music styles diverse–from hip hop fusion, to alt-country, to pop rock, to electronica, and everything in between. In any estimation, The […]


Dreamgirl, Fine Animal, & Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type @ miniBar

With the Crossroads Music Fest on the horizon, some of the great concerts this week might get lost in the wash. That said, leading to Saturday, on Saturday, and after Saturday, there are a slew of concerts to catch. One of these is at miniBar on Friday. The show will feature some of the most […]


Radkey Dons Dark Black Makeup

Radkey‘s talent is mesmerizing and enviable: mesmerizing because the band manages a delicate touch despite their heavy and sludge-mired guitars, a pop catchiness with a punk awareness, and enviable because of their youth, because their art seems to come effortlessly. The St. Joe trio seems to have mastered the art of writing a song before […]


New Years Eve Alert: Radkey/Bummer at Recordbar

New Years Eve is rapidly approaching. And for the those of us who’d rather thrash than stand around and sip cocktails hoping someone will want to kiss us between 11:59:59 and 12:00:01, The Recordbar has the perfect event: Radkey, BUMMER, Drop a Grand, Mace Batons, and Scruffy and the Janitors. The event, which features some […]