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“I’m Not Part of Me”- Cloud Nothings

  In their round-up of the “Top 50 Albums of 2012″, Pitchfork referred to the Dylan Baldi fronted Cloud Nothings as torchbearers of Nevermind, arriving as a “cacophony cavalry” to put some of the bite back into indie rock. They were no doubt correct that 2012 was a banner year for no-frills “RAWK”, but Nirvana […]

“St. Louis” – Shocking Pinks (ft. Gemma Syme)

  I’m still not entirely sure what “St. Louis”, the most recent release from New Zealand artist Nick Harte’s Shocking Pinks project has to do with the city of the same name. Maybe he’s taking a cue from fellow New-Zealander Lorde and writing about Missouri staples. If that’s the case, can we dispatch Kimbra to […]

Top 10 Albums of 2013: All Fresh Sounds

2013 was a tumultuous year for music. Emo saw a full-fledged return. Bowling ball rappers with over-eating, over-drugged, over-sexed personas mirrored their excessive tendencies with hopscotching, scatter-shot mixtapes. Comedians made divorce sound more pleasant than marriage. In other corners of the music world, monolithic popstars crafted epic-length odes to disco and several sibling groups lorded […]