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Another Great Show This Friday: Mouth, Kawehi, Wrong Kata Trio

As if this Friday weren’t already jam-packed with great shows (this and that), The Bottleneck will be adding another to the mix. Friday January 23, Mouth, Kawehi, and Wrong Kata Trio will spin some jazz-funk fusion and other sonic experiments for a show that will be anything but predicable. Mouth‘s jazz-smoothed funk is all but […]


Top 10 Electronic Albums of 2014 [Brian Clifton's Picks]

10 Our Love by Caribou. Our Love is a nice mix of dark disco and techno-pop. The album is immediate. Its blips and bassed out rhythms set a stage for Dan Snaith’s gauzy falsetto. The tracks’ repetitions create an atmosphere of obsession and the lyrics match. A notable track of the album is “All I […]