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Shuttlecock Showcase 003 @ Mills Record Comapny

Finally. Shuttlecock Music Showcase 003. Four incredible, young Kansas City acts will be performing for you. If you miss it, you’re a square. Sahvannes (Rapper, feels like Jean Michel) https://soundcloud.com/sahvannes False Brother (Mysterious post-punk rippers) https://falsebrother.bandcamp.com/releases Justinxshon (Instrumental hip-hop/bumps) https://soundcloud.com/justinxshon Dead Dads Club (Melancholy bedroom pop) https://theddc.bandcamp.com/ FREE 6PM ALL AGES Mills Record Company – […]


Sahavannes, False Brother, Justinxshon, Dead Dads Club @ Mills Record Company

Shuttlecock Magazine‘s showcases are some of the best ways to catch new, up and coming musicians. And the first showcase of 2017 promises nothing different. Featuring Sahvannes, False Brother, Justinxshon, and Dead Dads Club, the in store will bring together pop, post-punk, beats, and rap for an eclectic night of great music. Dead Dads Club […]


Lawrence Invasion: Young Bull, Vivid Zebra, Aprilmist

Anytime Shuttlecock Music Magazine hosts an event, it’s worth checking out. The magazine consistently shines the spotlight on some of the best up and coming local musicians in the area. This Friday, Shuttlecock will bring Young Bull, Vivid Zebra, and Aprilmist to Mills Record Company for a genre-spanning whirlwind of a show. Moving from thrash […]


Shuttlecock Presents: Samurai, J-Tone, Izzy, Plu$+, and Antonio Williams @ Mills Record Company

Shuttlecock Magazine is one of the best places to find new and upcoming, especially when it comes to hip hop and rap. In every one of the magazines events, there was at least one artist whose beats and flow were as hard as they were infectious–and usually these artists were under 21. This Friday is […]


Shuttlecock Showcase #2

Our first showcase back in January was lots of fun. Let’s do it again. Four more awesome local acts, all 22 years old or younger. Come party with us. www.shuttlecockmusic.com Deaton Chris Anthony (Internet R&B pop dance party) https://deatonchrisanthony.bandcamp.com/releases Kye Colors (The best 16 year-old rapper/producer in KC) https://kyecolors.bandcamp.com/album/00 [Explicit Content] (Rap you’ll be playing […]


Move in Party @ Mills Record Company: Night Two

Punk and hip hop make unlikely bedfellows–unlikely but not entirely out of the question. Both genres take stark political stances, both have been claimed to be dead, revived, dead again, revived again. In any case, night two of Mills Record Company’s Month Long Moving Celebration will feature some fine examples of both and more. This […]


Can’t We All Get Along: Shuttlecock vs. Center of The City

I feel like a child listening to his parents argue in the next room. Shuttlecock Magazine‘s contributing editor-in-chief, Aaron Rhodes, caught some heat from Kansas City punks for criticizing The Center of the City Festival. Which makes me wonder if Kansas City needs to learn to take negative criticism better. It seems in all of […]