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This Weekend: Mills Record Company’s Last Move In Celebration

If you didn’t already know, Mills Record Company has a new home. To celebrate and to break in the new location, the store has been throwing a three weekend party. The first weekend featured awesome performances from Conductor Williams & Weaver, [Explicit Content], Narc Parade, Thunderclaps, Real Adults, and many more as well as 5,000 […]


Record Store Day Exclusives Part II

Last week, I gave a preview of some of the exclusives I’m pumped for, and now I want to to post about some of the Record Store Day soundtracks. Soundtracks are one of the Record Store Day staples, and this year there are a lot of fantastic scores being released. Whether you’re looking for the soundtrack to […]


The LoopKC Presents Best Damn Rap Show

This Saturday The Best Damn Rap Show will be at The Riot Room. Curated by The LoopKC, this show will feature the talents of: Steddy P., Dutch Young, Clark Rooseveltte, Scotty Wu, Pistol Pete, and Marty Notes. The show will definitely live up to its name with this line-up. From slower groove-centric flows to rapid fire […]


My Gold Mask, FEE LION, & La Guerre @ Replay

This Saturday at The Replay Lounge, La Guerre, FEE LION, and My Gold Mask will put on a fantastic show. Whether you’re a fan of stripped down electronic pop, slick indie pop, or anthemic dark pop, this show will have something for you. Plus, each act puts on a stage show that is not to […]


Janet The Planet, Temp Tats and HMPH! @ miniBar

I’ve mentioned that 2016 is starting out strong in regards to concerts, but I can’t help but be surprised at how strong. And this Saturday continues that trend. Featuring some of the most fun acts to see live, miniBar’s concert is sure to offer something for any music lover. Whether it’s Janet the Planet‘s horn […]


Mikal Shapiro @ Mills Record Company

This Saturday, Mills Record Company will be hosting Mikal Shapiro with special guest David Regnier (of Dead Voices and Ruddy Swain). The singer-songwriter seems equally comfortable using just her voice and acoustic guitar as she does backed by a full band. No matter how Mikal Shapiro arranges her songs, it’s clear they have a powerful […]


Thunderclaps, The Quivers, Old Grey Dog @ Jackpot Saloon

This Saturday, Jackpot Saloon will host Thunderclaps, The Quivers, and Old Grey Dog. The bands on  the bill swing from experimental honky tonk to rockabilly, to garage rock, to blues-influenced rock n roll. While their sounds cover an array of aesthetics, all three acts have one thing in common: they write songs that have catchy […]


Songs for a Spooky Halloween

I’ve written about various Halloween concerts–from indie pop to classic rock, to doom metal, to country. That’s well and good, but what about all the private, semi-private, and public parties happening in houses all over the city? What songs should they have in their playlists to guarantee a spooktacular Halloween? While this is by no […]


The Architects and The Sluts Have a Border War

In a world of hyphenated genres, cross genre work, and hybridity, sometimes the most innovated things are straightforward monoliths. The Architects and The Sluts are two such things. Both bands land with both feet solidly within Rock n Roll (note the capitalization). Their styles differ slightly but each features guitar forward rock that can fill […]


The Cave Girls and Friends @ The RecordBar

This Saturday, let no one even doubt Kansas City’s music scene. The recordBar will host a show that truly shows the best of what we have to offer. Featuring music by john l. keck, That Dragon, The Dynamite Defense, and The Cave Girls. All the bands are local, and all the bands show a good […]


Dropout Boogie With Shy Boys, The Conquerors, El Rey-Tones, & Phantom Head

This Saturday, Beautiful Bodies and The Philistines will play early at Mills Record Company (show starts at 6pm sharp). But it’s summer and the weekend, so 8pm is a bit early to call it a night. That’s where The Dropout Boogie has us all covered. The good fellas behind the turn tables will be spinning […]


Beautiful Bodies in Mills Record Company

This Saturday, Beautiful Bodies and The Philistines will take over Mills Record Company. Each band packs enough rock into their songs to fill the store on their own, so putting the two together in one night seems the perfect combination to fill the store fast (so get there early–the show starts promptly at 6pm). If […]