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2/23/18 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Allen Ginsberg — Reads Howl & Other Poems (Translucent Red Vinyl / 180g / Old-School Style Tip On Jacket / 12×12” Book With New Liner Notes / 8×10” Photo of Allen Ginsberg / Copy of Howl & Other Poems) Bill Evans Trio — At Shelly’s Manne-Hole, Hollywood, CA Chappo – Do It (Limited Edition Colored […]


Top 10 Indie Pop Albums of 2014 [Brian Clifton's Picks]

10 Tough Love by  Jessie Ware. Jessie Ware’s Tough Love is full of reverbed instruments and powerful vocals. Stradling the live between dreampop and RnB, Tough Love keeps the focus on Ware’s crystalline vocals while shifting the instrumentals from pop to a more RnB feel. The self-titled track is tell-tale of the album as a whole. […]

Live Tonight: Week of September 15th – September 21st: Sports Are Dumb

It’s September, so you know what that means – right? Getting clinically depressed over the state of professional Kansas City sports teams, of course! Well, hopefully this week of great shows can help you get over those Royal and Chiefs blues. Monday, September 15th The Contortionist with Intervals, Existem, David Hasselhoff On Acid, White Shores […]

Show Preview: S. Carey at Recordbar 9/16

This Tuesday, S. Carey will be playing the Recordbar. If you’ve heard Range of Light or saw them at Middle of The Map, then you know some of their elongated folk sounds and their lyrical landscapes. While not the most energetic music out there, S. Carey’s mix of reverbed keys and smooth vocals create songs […]

Middle of the Map Fest (Friday Night) Review

Fellow Kansas Citians, consider Friday night at the well-curated Middle of the Map Fest to be revenge straight from 1985, a night when denizens of Missouri’s other major-city came into town and took the 816 by storm. Save for a few centurion-like bands standing at the walls to keep marauders out, Friday night was an […]

S. Carey Is Scary (Good)

  For an album composed of such minimal parts (a sparkle of guitar, a distant kick drum, fragmented lyrics), S. Carey’s Range of Light holds the same expansiveness of a mountain range seen from an airplane. And perhaps it’s this counterbalance between large and small scopes that makes the album surprisingly dense while allowing the space for the […]