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Temples In Mills Record Company

In case you haven’t heard, Temples is slated to play an intimate show at Mills Record Company next Saturday. For the price of their new album, Volcano, you can reserve your spot in the store to hear your favorite English rockers get down. While the album doesn’t come out until March 3rd, seeing Temples play […]


Vipassi’s Instru-Metal Debut

Vipassi is a super group. The Australian four-piece features members from A Million Dead Birds Laughing, Hadal Maw, and Ne Obliviscaris, and their collective seasoning comes together perfectly on their Season of Mist debut, Sunyata. Featuring dark and brooding atmospheric metal interspersed between truly unrelenting blast beats and mathy riffs, Sunyata is the instrumental tech metal album […]


Crippled Black Phoenix Gets Bronzed

Coming off their 2015 release, New Dark Age, Crippled Black Phoenix wasted no time putting together what would become their latest, Bronze. While the band follows the droning orchestration of New Dark Age, in Bronze Crippled Black Phoenix uses more structured arrangements and varying atmosphere to create an album that is as all enfolding as their previous releases but […]


Dark0′s Aural Oceana

Oceana might be the perfect name for the latest EP by the electronic artist Dark0. The four song EP absolutely vibrates with lush electronica for a sound that is as comfortable being the soundtrack for floating through a quiet night or tearing up a dance floor. From start to finish, Oceana joins the electronic pantheon of acts […]


Danny Brown Exhibits Atrocity

According to Danny Brown, Danny Brown has no competition. The Detroit rapper has one of the most unique voice and flows in hip hop today or ever. It has been just over three years since the virtuoso released a full album–though Brown has appeared on various albums, including the single from the Avalanches’ Wildflower. Now, Atrocity […]


The Radio Dept. Doesn’t Run Out of Anything

The Radio Dept.’s previous release, Clinging To A Scheme, came out six years ago. Still, the album sounds as fresh today as it did in 2010. Clinging To A Scheme certainly set the bar high for any follow up the Swedish band might put out. Out last Friday, The Radio Dept.’s much anticipated new record, Running Out of Love, not […]


Super Unison’s Auto Absolutely Destroys

I would classify very few records I hear as “badass,” but Super Unison‘s latest release, Auto, is exactly that. Starting with dueling feedback and messy riffs, Auto is the punk album that will define this decade of the genre (much like what Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come did in the late 90s). The album is loud, […]


Goat’s Requiem Is An Ambitious Flight

Goat has been a driving force in the psych revival community. The Swedish band’s quick-paced songs kick from their first moment to their last–whether on record or during their high-energy live performances. Their most recent release, Requiem, shows a band that has grown past their roots and are now reaching toward something more ambitious (even if […]


Brain Tentacles

Brain Tentacles. I have no way of starting this other than saying Brain Tentacles. The trio’s name (and album title) sets the bar high for my expectations–the weird and visceral imagery, the surrealism. And the band, time and time again, not only hits that expectation but surpasses it. Much like the image of Brain Tentacles […]


Brand New All The Way Down

I grew up with Brand New. Deja Entendu was the soundtrack to my childhood angst; The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me taught me to love large, expanding soundscapes; Daisy was my first foray into ostentatious noise. It seems there has been a Brand New record lurking around each milestone of my musical journey. That said, I was […]


Tobacco Returns to Sweatbox Dynasty

In his previous release, Ultima II Massage, Tobacco, of Black Moth Super Rainbow, shifted his aesthetic from the ethereal synth washes that defined his first project to the angular grinding that comprised his hip hop outfit, Demon Queen. The result was an album that unfurled like a grimy mixtape found on the bottom of a used […]


Clams Casino’s Debut Is on Another Level

If there’s any artist out there worth signing up for Apple Music, it’s Clams Casino. When the album first came out, the producer’s debut album, 32 Levels, could only be streamed from this service–and it’s worth every bit of Apple Music’s inconvenience and poorly constructed interface. Clams Casino’s trademarked brand of airy, glacially paced beats create […]