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Inner Altar Keef Mountain 2018 Flyer

Show Preview: Inner Altar/Keef Mountain in Kansas City 01/06/17

Kansas City has their own Black Sabbath and they’re named Inner Altar. While Inner Altar has only existed as a band for a few years, the impact they’ve made on the local heavy metal scene is immeasurable. Combining the heaviness and psychedelic groove of early Saint Vitus and the aforementioned Black Sabbath with the riffs […]


“Life Is Peachy”- Shy Boys

Kansas City surf rockers/psych poppers Shy Boys ostensibly love two things over everything else: a blissful jangle and burying emotions. Their stellar self-titled debut from January of this year frequently blended the two into a melancholic, but masterful swirl. You could hear that lead singer Collin Rausch was aching in a track like “And I […]


Roky Erickson Live at the Granada

Garage rocker/psychedelic innovator Roky Erickson’s fascination with horror flicks is well-documented. He gleefully laughed in Vincent Price fashion behind his piano as flames burned bright. Freak lab-experiments litter his verses and demons are never far from thought. Even his most “well-known” solo song romanticizes zombies in a way Romero could only dream of. But perhaps […]