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Animals As Leaders Go Weightless

As far as progressive metal is concerned, Animals As Leaders are making some of the most interesting and brutal songs this side of Between The Buried and Me. The instrumental three piece’s discography is full of quick moving, angular leads and baffling time changes. Any time I put one of their records on, I find […]


Watchtower Gets Mathematical

Black Friday has come and gone, leaving in its wake (sort of) emptied stores, holiday gift lists partially completed, and plenty of vinyl-philes happy. While the Record Store Day Black Friday list was expansive and rocking, there were plenty of releases that were as exceptional (perhaps even more so one could argue). One of those […]


A Look in The Local Bin: Myco

Myco‘s self-titled EP is part prog rock soundscape, part David Bowie hook worship, and entirely a trip down a psychedelic wormhole. The EP covers a lot of land despite its five songs–it bounces from lyrically driven psych pop to solo filled atmospherics, from funk inspired grooves to droning tones. That these styles can come together […]


Acts to Catch at Outer Reaches

Kansas City is lucky to have all the great festivals around the area. From Middle of The Map to Westport Roots Fest, from Porch Fest to Center of the City, there’s no shortage of great groupings of musicians, artists, and people. This Friday and Saturday, another great festival will be taking place. Outer Reaches (formerly […]


Lucifer Rising on The Used Side

Seldom does an album and its backstory hit the same level of intrigue. Not so with Lucifer Rising: The Music of Bobby Beausoleil. With tangential relationships with Aleister Crowley, Jimmy Page, Charles Manson, recorded in prison by inmates (while the composer served a sentence for killing a rival drug dealer), the album has a tangled back […]


Braggers, HMPH, Opposite Day @ Californos

Do you like math? Do you like music? If you answered yes (or even if you said no to the math part), then Californo’s has a show lined up for you. This Thursday, Braggers, HMPH, Opposite Day will take the stage for a show that stretches from the most divergent and disjunctive math-rock to the most […]


New Years Eve Concerts Part II

Yesterday, I previewed Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club NYE concert. Another concert that’s making me wish I had a time turner is one of the final recordBar shows. The concert will feature The Conquerors, Various Blonde, and Jaenki for what will undoubtedly be one of the best ways to end the old year and begin the […]


New Year’s Eve Concerts Part I

This New Year’s Eve is packed with concerts. The Conquerors, Various Blonde, and Jaenki will be playing one of the last concerts at recordBar’s current location, DJs will take over The Riot Room, Gnarly Davidson and friends will destroy the Replay Lounge, and so many others. It’s definitely a tough decision. So I’ve decided to […]


Cult Leader’s Lightless Walk Is Unrelenting

Salt Lake City’s Cult Leader mixes doom and progressive metal into their debut, Lightless Walk. The album, which constantly vacillates between sludgy riffs and pummeling blast beats, plays like a lesson in how to turn a feeling into something different. Moving from short but heavy punk tracks to fuzzed over atmospheric tones, Cult Leader gets […]


2nd Annual Making Movies Carnaval

This Saturday, Making Movies will throw their second annual Carnaval at Knuckleheads Saloon. The semi-festival will feature some fantastic food trucks, great music, and a wonderful chance to support local radio. If that is not enough for you, there will also be a raffle for a signed 90.9 The Bridge vinyl at the carnaval and […]


Riala’s Be Here Be There Is Fully Present

Riala is no stranger to angular riffs and brooding bass. The Kansas City trio blends together the shimmering beauty of lush sonic atmospheres, the absolutely crushing disjunctions of early aughts screamo, and the difficult math of dark jazz. And the band’s debut, Be Here Be There, shows their very best. Be Here Be There takes Riala’s already […]


Dolls on Fire, Holy White Hounds, Adriana Nikole @ recordBar

This Saturday, The recordBar will become a haven for rock and roll. Their late show will feature a smattering of Midwest rock from Adriana Nikole‘s polished Poe-like vocal melodies to Holy White Hounds‘ slurred fuzz, to Dolls on Fire‘s bass-heavy progressions. The three bands, while all occupying their own distinct aesthetic, dot the line from […]