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8/17/18 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Alice Coltrane — Lord of Lords (First Time Vinyl Reissue / Originally Released in 1972) Bad Religion — The New America Beach Boys — With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (2xLP / 180 Gram) Black Tusk — TCBT (Limited Edition Silver Vinyl / Limited to 300) Blodwyn Pig — Ahead Rings Out Bury Tomorrow — Black […]

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Live Tonight: Week of June 29th – July 5th: FREEDOM Edition!

Happy birthday, America! Can you believe our baby of a country is 2015 years old now? It seems like only yesterday we were landing on Plymouth Rock, conquering the Aztecs, dumping tea into a harbor, inventing airplanes and making movies! To celebrate over 2000 years of American independence, try some amazing shows this week! Monday, […]

Hate. Scorn. Brevity. – Primitive Man live at the Jackpot in Lawrence, KS 03/05/14

Denver’s sludge-trio Primitive Man brought their crushing brand of doom metal to the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence Wednesday night, ripping out the eardrums of the moderate crowd in attendance, although not long enough for them to leave permanent hearing damage. Primitive Man (L-R) is: Isidro Soto (Drums), Ethan McCarthy (Guitar/Vocals), Jonathan Campos (Bass)   Primitive […]