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Sahavannes, False Brother, Justinxshon, Dead Dads Club @ Mills Record Company

Shuttlecock Magazine‘s showcases are some of the best ways to catch new, up and coming musicians. And the first showcase of 2017 promises nothing different. Featuring Sahvannes, False Brother, Justinxshon, and Dead Dads Club, the in store will bring together pop, post-punk, beats, and rap for an eclectic night of great music. Dead Dads Club […]


Brand New All The Way Down

I grew up with Brand New. Deja Entendu was the soundtrack to my childhood angst; The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me taught me to love large, expanding soundscapes; Daisy was my first foray into ostentatious noise. It seems there has been a Brand New record lurking around each milestone of my musical journey. That said, I was […]


Celebrate Summer at The Crossroads Flock Party

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means it is officially summer. And with summer comes the annual Crossroads Flock Party–an evening of art, music, food, drinks, and fun. This year, the party will feature skate demonstrations, Pop-up Charlie, Oddities Prints, and Quixotic creating art before our eyes. And before our ears, there will be […]


Eagulls’ Latest is Part Uulagy, Part Ululation

Eagulls are no strangers to weaving together lush riffs and ambient textures to create evocative soundscapes, and their latest release, Ullages, shows them at the peak of their powers. Melancholic yet full of verve, Ullages pushes the sounds of The Smiths into uncharted territory. The album begins with “Heads or Tails.” The heavily effected lead-in riff paves […]


Local or Bust: Tandem & loosejaw

Wednesday evenings at Mills Record Company have now been dedicated to showing off the up-and-coming of Kansas City’s already burgeoning music scene. As I’ve written before, the event series, LOCAL OR BUST, will be a chance for new musicians to gain some traction before jetting off into the stratosphere or for offshoots of established bands […]

Show Preview: Punks At The Art Closet

This Thursday, The Art Closet will host five punk and punkish bands: joliette, Colonia, Lion House, American Thunder Band, and Bad Dinner. All five bands hit hard and immediate, taking on acts of political injustice both on the large/general and on the small/personal scales as subjects for their songs. Also, given that Lion House, American […]

Yellow Ostrich’s Cosmos Takes Off

Yellow Ostrich’s Cosmos builds its dreamy swells and punchy leads into something out of this world. The whole album thrums with a kinetic energy that helps to parse Yellow Ostrich from the armies of hazy shoegaze bands. Cosmos (which, rumor has it, takes its name from the Carl Sagan show of the same title—awesome) has […]

Man Made aka Nile Marr and His New Soundcloud Album TV Broke My Brain

Just about a week ago, U.K. singer/songwriter Nile Marr released an album under the name Man Made. The soundcloud only album TV Broke My Brain has already garnered 10,000+ listens in just over a week; however, the project is notable for another reason. Nile is the son of the venerable Johnny Marr, founding member of […]