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The Record Machine Showcase @ Crossroads Music Fest

2016 has been a great year for Kansas City music. With phenomenal releases from Haymaker, High Dive, The Company, and Record Machine, there has been no shortage of great wax from artists residing in the Mid-best city. And the aesthetics represented in these releases run the gamut from the 60s influenced psych pop of The […]


Yes You Are, Via Luna, Vigil & Thieves, Yore @ Californo’s

Summertime in Kansas City means outdoor shows. There’s something about the tempering effect the evening has that makes these events, whether they’re an outdoor festival, a patio show, or impromptu porch gathering, something magical. And this Saturday at Californo’s will be one of the most magical this summer yet. Via Luna, Vigil & Thieves, and […]


New Years Eve Concerts Part II

Yesterday, I previewed Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club NYE concert. Another concert that’s making me wish I had a time turner is one of the final recordBar shows. The concert will feature The Conquerors, Various Blonde, and Jaenki for what will undoubtedly be one of the best ways to end the old year and begin the […]

Local Showcase: Westerners

The Lawrence-based quartet, Westerners, have a seemingly inexhaustible amount of energy. Their live shows are whirlwinds of incendiary guitar-riffs and driving rhythms. Once they start their set, Westerners don’t let up–pounding out songs until the venue bursts with their brand of garage rock. And their recordings bottle this frenzy well. Their self-titled debut EP, released […]