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Leggy, T-Rextasy, Westeners @ Replay Lounge

Tomorrow night, Replay Lounge will host three bands that collide pop, indie, punk, and garage to make music that absolutely rips. Leggy and T-Rextasy will be joined Lawrence’s own Westerners for what guarantees to be the best way to start the week. While all the bands use similar threads to create their music, the way […]


First Repressions: blink 182

With the vinyl resurgence comes a desire to have the records that came out in very limited quantities or not at all on wax. And if you ever wanted a record that came out when vinyl was not as popular, you know there are two ways: pay large sums for those titles or wait for […]


Rooftop Vigilantes, The Conquerors, Shy Boys, Toys That Kill @ Blind Tiger

This Friday, The Blind Tiger will host a show featuring some of the best garage rock and indie pop this side of the state line. The Conquerors, Shy Boys, and San Pedro’s Toys That Kill will support Rooftop Vigilantes for their first show in three years–a show that will double as the release for their […]

Tiny Moving Parts courtesy of (n.h.) productions

Tiny Moving Parts, Prawn, and Free Throw at the Jackpot Music Hall 06/24/16

I’ll admit it – I only bought tickets to the Tiny Moving Parts show because a cute guy told me to. After hours spent in front of the mirror in order to impress this guy, I ended up coming home four hours later drenched in sweat. Pamona, an Overland Park-based band comprised of ambient progressive […]


More Local at Middle of The Map

Middle of The Map is gathering steam. Starting with the ideas of Fred Armisen, the yearly fest is off to a great start. And tomorrow, Middle of The Map’s music portion begins. I’ve written about national acts to check out–Gallant, Vince Staples–, and I’ve written about some local bands to catch (here and here). That […]


Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds With The Pedaljets at Mills Record Company

Mills Record Company is wasting no time getting bands back in the store. Just a week after the 20 band line-up for Record Store Day, Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds and The Pedaljets will perform in store (rumor is there will be homemade chili for all those in attendance). While both bands occupy their […]


1/15/2016 New Releases at Mills Record Company

All Them Witches — Lightning at The Door (limited edition, includes bonus 7″) Anthrax — Playing Cards (with download card) Baby Metal — BABYMETAL Beastmaker — You Must Sin 7″ Blue Man Group — Giacometti Cibo Matto — Viva! La Woman Cold Fronts – Forever Whateverw Daughter — Not To Disappear (180g Virgin Vinyl) Devo — […]


Radkey Dons Dark Black Makeup

Radkey‘s talent is mesmerizing and enviable: mesmerizing because the band manages a delicate touch despite their heavy and sludge-mired guitars, a pop catchiness with a punk awareness, and enviable because of their youth, because their art seems to come effortlessly. The St. Joe trio seems to have mastered the art of writing a song before […]

new found glory header

Pop Punk’s Return To Life: New Found Glory live in Lawrence, KS 03/17/15

In their 18th year as a group, fresh off the release of “Resurrection,” their eighth full-length album and for the first time as a four-piece, seminal pop punk kings New Found Glory showed a passionate and rowdy St. Patrick’s Day crowd at The Granada in Lawrence that pop punk’s not dead and it’s made a […]


Pop Punk Friday: The Electric Lungs & Deco Auto

This Friday’s in store will turn Mills Record Company into jumping pop punk mosh pit. The all ages show will feature two great local bands: The Electric Lungs and Deco Auto. Both bands stand comfortably along the pop punk continuum–The Electric Lungs being the more punk of the two, and Deco Auto being more pop. […]

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Live Tonight: Week of October 27th – November 2nd: Hate Hunter Pence Edition

Kansas City’s (and it seems like most of America’s) most hated baseball player comes to Kansas City on Tuesday to (hopefully) lose two games in a row and the Royals can win the World Series! Good thing Kansas City loves their Royals, so when you go to a show on Tuesday or Wednesday, the venues […]

Pop Punk’s Not Dead: The Story So Far Live in Lawrence, KS 09/30/14

It’s a sentiment that’s readily apparent to anyone paying attention – pop punk has come back in a big way over the past 5 years or so. Warped Tour is bigger now than ever, and from the yearly punk tour has spawned some of the most enjoyable pop punk in years. One of the leaders […]