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Record Store Day: The 7″

Last week, Record Store Day announced its 10th anniversary list. Full of chart-toppers, hard-rockers, and be-boppers, the list is one of the most diverse of recent years. Something Record Store Day does that no one else does better is exclusive 7″. Whether it’s their mystery 7″ series, their side by side series, their picture discs, […]


Black Friday Preview: Parade of Singles

Black Friday is this Friday. I’ve written about some of the exclusive releases you can find (here), and now I want to write about some more exclusives. Some of the coolest releases on both Black Friday and Record Store Day are pressed on 7″. This year is no exception. From picture discs to colored vinyl, […]


Magic Sword’s Debut Is a Sci-Fi Face Melter

What do you get when you mix early Daft Punk’s crescendoing synths, bit crushed soundtracks, and sci-fi comic adventures? Something close to Magic Sword‘s debut┬áVolume 1. The electronic duo’s sound snakes between the repetitious and infectious swells of Daft Punk and the indie half-acoustic, half-synthetic live show of Slow Magic, the atmospheric tapestries of Styx […]