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Celebrate Summer at The Crossroads Flock Party

Memorial Day has come and gone, which means it is officially summer. And with summer comes the annual Crossroads Flock Party–an evening of art, music, food, drinks, and fun. This year, the party will feature skate demonstrations, Pop-up Charlie, Oddities Prints, and Quixotic creating art before our eyes. And before our ears, there will be […]


Hop Along @ Riot Room With Doby Watson and La Guerre

Tomorrow, Hop Along, Doby Watson, and La Guerre will fill The Riot Room with their music in what will be one powerful show. The three acts, though occupying separate realms of indie rock, have one thing in common: the ability to craft catchy and unfathomably deep songs. When I say “deep” I don’t just mean […]

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Yes You Are, High Up, Drugs + Attics @ Riot Room

There are plenty shows to catch this Friday–from art exhibit closings to fuzzed over blues, from Soul Preservers to Lawrence heaviness. But no where will have a more truly eclectic show bill than The Riot Room. Moving from High Up‘s indie soul revival to Drugs & Attics‘ catchy punk to Yes You Are‘s slick electronic […]


The Good Life, Big Harp, The Roseline @ Riot Room

This Friday, after we’ve all trampled each other over post-Thanksgiving deals, The Riot Room will bring us all back to humanity with good old fashioned indie rock. Featuring Omaha natives The Good Life, LA rockers Big Harp, and Kansas City’s own The Roseline, the show all but guarantees a night full of good vibes and […]


Cymbals Eat Guitars & Friends @ The RecordBar

Tonight, The RecordBar will host three bands: Cymbals Eat Guitars, the author and the illustrator, and See Through Dresses. While each band sits in its own aesthetic, all three make songs with the same verve. From Cymbals Eat Guitars’ new sincerity laced post-hardcore, to the author and the illustrator’s math-intensive progressions, to See through Dresses’ […]

Odd Future Continues To Surprise With Trash Talk

Odd Future Records is one of the most exciting labels today. Started by Tyler The Creator and a slew of other southern California rappers, the label stays as fresh as its constituents, which is to say it continually reinvents its identity as it breathes live into a scene previously bursting apathy. I was elated when I […]


Future Wades Makes Perfect Summer Sounds

Partially based in Omaha and partially in Amherst, future wades hums and pops with a lo-fi warmth that mixes well with a balmy evening on the porch. The band constructs their undeniably catchy songs from a combination of seemingly simple instrumental parts and sometimes (dis)harmonious caterwauling. The result is a sound that begs to be […]

See Through Dresses’ Self-Titled and In-Store

See Through Dresses’ self-titled album rolls with all the energy of late 90s shoegaze—guitars that flit between clean picking patterns and droningly distorted strumming—while keeping its lyrics and melodies smart and crisp. This combination of intricate instrumentation and crooning lyrics that don’t indulge themselves with sentimentality is something of a trademark in Omaha based music […]

5 Guilty Pleasures – Brian Clifton

Let’s get down to it: I’m not always so hip with my music tastes. Sometimes, I just don’t want to think when I’m listening to music. We all do it (I hope). Anyway, here are some of my guilty music pleasures: 5) “Birthday Sex” -Jeremih: Listening to this while drunk rollerskating in Omaha was the […]