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Live Tonight: Week of March 23rd – March 29th: SXSW Hangover Edition

Is it just me, or did SXSW come and go without much fanfare this year? For the past couple of SXSW’s, I at least remember huge bands showing up unannounced, like Metallica, Motorhead or the Foo Fighters playing tiny little venues, and then the huge internet panic attack everyone had waiting with bated breath to […]


Frank Ocean Tribute to Aaliyah & Isley Brothers

Almost two weeks ago Frank Ocean released his version of the Isley Brothers’ “At Your Best (You Are Love).” The song was covered in 1994 by Aaliyah, and the weekend of its release coincided with what would have been the singer’s 36th birthday. And perhaps this connection is what prompted Ocean to treat the cover […]

Odd Future Continues To Surprise With Trash Talk

Odd Future Records is one of the most exciting labels today. Started by Tyler The Creator and a slew of other southern California rappers, the label stays as fresh as its constituents, which is to say it continually reinvents its identity as it breathes live into a scene previously bursting apathy. I was elated when I […]