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Not a Planet


Move In Party @ Mills Record Company: Night One

After an epic few days of moving records, bins, t-shirts, and more, Mills Record Company has settled into the new space on 4045 Broadway. With more than double the space, a better sound system, and a bigger stage, the new location promises greatness. And the store is wasting no time–especially with that stage. Next weekend, […]


The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Rock/Pop

It’s that time of year: road construction, picnics, summer allergies, and (most importantly) The Pitch Music Awards. This year, the fifteen categories burst with the talent that makes for fierce competition. The rock/pop category spreads itself between the electronic hum of Cowboy Indian Bear, the blues soaked fuzz of Not a Planet, Rev Gusto‘s guitar-driven […]

Steven Ervay: Top 10 Local Albums of 2013

It’s mid-December and the 2013 calendar is quickly wrapping up. I’m sure you were unaware based on everyone’s ‘year-end’ lists coming out. Well I’m no exception. I have opinions too, and I want you to hear them!!! Followed are my top picks from KC area bands from 2013. 10. Empty Moon – Fourth of July […]