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3/18/2016 New Releases

Aidan Knight — Each Other Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice — OST (3LP, 90 min of music, liner notes, custom etched LP art) B Boys — No Worry No Mind Bitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy — Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties Boris with Merzbow — Gensho Part 2  (2LP, written to […]


Live Tonight: Week of March 14th – March 20th: Drumpf

Enough of the hate-spewing politics and the violence in the streets – the only violence that’s allowed is consensual violence in the mosh pit at shows! Go remind yourself and everyone that Kansas City is the best city in the world this week and see some music!   Monday, March 14th Common Kings with Tomorrows […]

Live Tonight: Week of August 4th – August 10th: Big shows or small shows?

Which do you prefer – big shows or small shows? Big shows have the advantage of getting to see a band use everything in their ability to create a unique show – The Flaming Lips with the Hamster Ball, Daft Punk with their insane video setup, or Nine Inch Nails with their lightshow. But small […]