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Bill Steer of Carcass sounded heavenly

This Mortal Coil: Carcass Live in Lawrence, KS 11/01/14

A packed Granada in Lawrence, KS had to have been one of the most active, receptive and loud audiences in the venue’s history for the first area appearance of British death metal/grindcore legends Carcass. One of the few bands who can say they invented a genre of music, the progenitors of grindcore, goregrind and melodic […]

alex gordon

Live Tonight: Week of October 27th – November 2nd: Hate Hunter Pence Edition

Kansas City’s (and it seems like most of America’s) most hated baseball player comes to Kansas City on Tuesday to (hopefully) lose two games in a row and the Royals can win the World Series! Good thing Kansas City loves their Royals, so when you go to a show on Tuesday or Wednesday, the venues […]

Live Tonight: Week of September 1st – September 7th: Welcome Autumn!

  The weather is cooling off which means the slew of tours that happen every fall are coming through Kansas City. September and October have been notoriously busy in years past as far as live music goes, and this year seems no different. We’ve got killer shows on their own this week (D.R.I. and Code […]

Live Tonight: Week Of July 28th – August 3rd: Lazy Summer Daze

  It’s that time of the year – the temperatures are skyrocketing and it’s painful to step outside for even a second without SPF 450 sunblock. Luckily, the live shows keep rolling through town to get your behind out of the house and enjoy some jams. Plenty of awesome shows this week if you didn’t […]