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2/23/18 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Allen Ginsberg — Reads Howl & Other Poems (Translucent Red Vinyl / 180g / Old-School Style Tip On Jacket / 12×12” Book With New Liner Notes / 8×10” Photo of Allen Ginsberg / Copy of Howl & Other Poems) Bill Evans Trio — At Shelly’s Manne-Hole, Hollywood, CA Chappo – Do It (Limited Edition Colored […]


Top Ten Songs by Local Musicians

It’s that time of year. The Plaza has outlined their buildings with lights, the weather is (finally) changing, people are overeating and over-shopping. 2016 is almost over. And with the closing of the year comes top ten list. To end Local Week, I want to count down my top ten songs from local musicians. There […]


New Releases 12/9 @ Mills Record Company

All Get Out — Nobody Likes a Quitter (die-cut cover) Atmosphere — Frida Kahlo Vs. Ezra Pound (seven 7-inch boxset ft. instrumentals on each b-side) Atmosphere — Frida Kahlo Vs. Ezra Pound (CD) Black Grape — It’s Great When You’re Straight….Yeah (180 gm vinyl) Charles Kelley — Live from Capitol Studios (10-inch) The Decemberists — […]


Local Week: Merlin

Merlin make soundtracks for drug-fuelled cults. But if you’re not cool with the whole Mansion thing, their records still sound really awesome. Following 2014′s Christ Killer, Electric Children is a doomier, more realized metal-opera. The stony fuzz and unrelenting riffs that Merlin summons from the netherworld roil perfectly under the album’s unfolding narrative. Beginning with the […]


Keef Mountain, Merlin, Youngblood Supercult, Orphans of Doom @ Mills Record Company

The Company Presents: A Keef Mountain Benefit Show Kansas and Missouri’s finest and heaviest gathering to help one of their own. We’re offering a free show at Mills Record Company’s new location in Westport (right around the corner from their current location). Free Music, Free Beers, and if you’re feeling generous we are taking donations […]

god listens to slayer

Live Tonight: Week of June 6th – June 12th: Happy International Day of Slayer!

June 6th every year, as everyone knows, is International Slayer Day. It’s a joyous, festive celebration of all things Slayer, including (but not limited to) blaring Slayer albums as loud as possible for 24 straight hours, carving Slayer’s logo into any surface you can find and generally just being as awesome as possible. Slayer is […]

kc psychfest 2015 flyer

KC Psych Fest Rolls Through The Weekend

As I posted before, KC Psych Fest is this weekend (coinciding with recordBar‘s ten year anniversary). 2015 marks the fourth year the KC Psych Fest has brought together the best local and national acts to stages across Kansas City. The first night (Friday) features six wonder bands to push and pull your eardrums in the […]

kc psychfest 2015 flyer

KC Psych Fest Brings October In

The two night festival will showcase some great local musicians as well as national acts. KC Psych Fest will also help celebrate recordBar‘s decade anniversary. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of bringing great music, food, and (of course) alcohol to Kansas City than to host this festival. Split almost […]


Fuzz & Fire Festival

As The Fuzz & Fire Festival gears up for its third year, it is becoming increasingly obvious the Kansas City based mega-concert is one of the preeminent stoner and doom metal fests of the Midwest. Featuring an array of sludge-heavy bands coming from Topeka to Des Moines (as well as summoning the hardest local harbinger’s of […]