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Mac Lethal

Live Tonight: Week Of December 22nd – December 28th: Almost Made It!

We’re almost finished with 2014! Although it’s a bit slow this week for the holidays, rest assured there’s still some shows to see in and around Kansas City. But since we’re nearing 2015, what were your favorite shows of the year? A small punk show at the Jackpot in Lawrence? A huge rock concert at […]

Steven Ervay: Top 10 Local Albums of 2013

It’s mid-December and the 2013 calendar is quickly wrapping up. I’m sure you were unaware based on everyone’s ‘year-end’ lists coming out. Well I’m no exception. I have opinions too, and I want you to hear them!!! Followed are my top picks from KC area bands from 2013. 10. Empty Moon – Fourth of July […]