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Hyborian’s Release Party

The Company is killing it. Though young, the Kansas City record label is putting out some of the heaviest releases. From Gnarly Davidson‘s The Tape to Keef Mountain‘s self-titled debut, there seems to be no end to the punishing riffage coming from this label. And 2017 seems to promise more gold. Just a couple weeks after Curse […]


Record Store Day Cometh Part III

Earlier this week, I previewed some of the heavier bands that will be playing Record Store Day. Continuing this series, I’d like to focus on the poppier bands that will take the stage, the bands who write vocal hook after vocal hook without seemingly breaking a sweat, the bands whose music is at home blaring […]


Haunted Summer Expands at The Riot Room

On Sunday night, Haunted Summer broke their polished crystalline sound structure into a heap of refractory soundscapes. The band dispensed with the rigidity of their recorded material to create an experience that was shimmering and liquid—songs that flowed from part to part conflating organic movement and synthetic structure. From the first moment of their set, […]

The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich at The Riot Room

  Last night, The Riot Room was packed stage to bar for The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich, and for good reason. The two bands tossed their thickened live sounds through the venue, shaking windows and chest cavities alike. Standing on opposite ends of the dreampop/shoegaze spectrum, The Antlers and Yellow Ostrich took the stage in […]

Show Review: Various Blonde, Lazy, The Conquerors, and Holy Wave

Last night, four bands crushed their way through The Riot Room. Ranging from sludge metal progressions to slumped-shoulder punk, from bass-y undercurrents to jamming builds, Various Blonde, Lazy, The Conquerors and Holy Wave shook The Riot Room in the very best ways. Various Blonde kicked off the evening. The quartet seemed built primarily from thick bass […]