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Train From Kansas City: Record Store Day 2015 Photoset

A slew of local talent played the tent in the parking lot outside Mills Record Company last Saturday for Mill’s second annual block party bash for National Record Store Day. Here are some photographic highlights, enjoy-   FSTOPSANDKHOLES.blogspot.com

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Live Tonight: Week of April 13th – April 19th: Record Store Day Edition!

It’s here, it’s here! Christmas in Springtime is here again in the form of Record Store Day! It’s the time to go out and support your local, hardworking record store and pick up some exclusive albums released for the holiday! Here at Mill’s Record Company, we have a huge party ready for everyone on Saturday. […]


Record Store Day Preview Part 4: The Parking Lot

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, and then I said it again, Record Store Day 2015 is not to be missed. Mills Record Company will be celebrating with a lot of the Record Store Day exclusive releases, artist booths, drawings and give-a-ways, and performances from local bands. In the evening, Madisen Ward and […]

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Live Tonight: Week of January 12th – January 18th: How To Keep Warm

It has been bitterly cold lately. No matter how many layers you have on, some of that frigid Midwestern air will always seep through and chill you to your bones. So instead of drinking hot chocolate and wearing mittens and gloves at the same time, here are some activities to help keep you warm this […]

Live Tonight: Week of November 24th – November 30th: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Also Happy Black Friday! In case you think there’s more to this week than eating a whole lot of stuffing and camping out in front of a Best Buy at 3 AM, there’s some pretty awesome shows to check out as well! And don’t forget our Black Friday Extravaganza on Friday, starting at […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Best Punk Band

It seems almost counterintuitive to have an award for best punk band, but The Pitch made one anyway, pitting five kinds of punk against each other for the top spot. All these bands dole out their distinct brands of punk with the recklessness and angst that defines the genre. Ranging from The Bad Ideas’ raw […]

Show Review: Various Blonde, Lazy, The Conquerors, and Holy Wave

Last night, four bands crushed their way through The Riot Room. Ranging from sludge metal progressions to slumped-shoulder punk, from bass-y undercurrents to jamming builds, Various Blonde, Lazy, The Conquerors and Holy Wave shook The Riot Room in the very best ways. Various Blonde kicked off the evening. The quartet seemed built primarily from thick bass […]

Live Tonight: through August 11th

Lots of shows to choose from in the coming days in and around Kansas City. Everything from rockabilly to cover bands to pop to experimental to good ol rock and roll. And make sure you don’t miss an in-store performance at Mills Record Company on Saturday with LAZY and Bloodbirds! They’re gonna bring the jam, […]