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Vince Staples, A Prima Donna

Vince Staples has quickly become one of my favorite rappers. The young virtuoso is not only capable of writing songs that are insanely intense on a visceral level but also ones that are staggeringly intelligent. The way Staples balances the personal and the public is second to none. On his debut double LP, Summertime ’06, Vince […]


Another Great Show This Friday: Mouth, Kawehi, Wrong Kata Trio

As if this Friday weren’t already jam-packed with great shows (this and that), The Bottleneck will be adding another to the mix. Friday January 23, Mouth, Kawehi, and Wrong Kata Trio will spin some jazz-funk fusion and other sonic experiments for a show that will be anything but predicable. Mouth‘s jazz-smoothed funk is all but […]

New and Local: Dream Ritual’s Debut EP

Dream Ritual‘s self-titled debut harkens back to a time when guitars were heavy and vocals slurred, when a palm mutes and spacey solos coexisted in the same song, when rock moved from arenas to basements. The six song EP is a mix of stoner-sludge and technically proficient noodling. The band’s sound stays centered around a […]


Haunted Summer Expands at The Riot Room

On Sunday night, Haunted Summer broke their polished crystalline sound structure into a heap of refractory soundscapes. The band dispensed with the rigidity of their recorded material to create an experience that was shimmering and liquid—songs that flowed from part to part conflating organic movement and synthetic structure. From the first moment of their set, […]

Haunted Summer’s “Something In The Water” Entices

  Haunted Summer couldn’t have picked a better name for their debut EP, Something in The Water. Each song swirls into darkened eddies and dragging undercurrents to create a sound that is as ominous as it is mysterious. It’s an eerie blend of pop structure and amorphous textures–ones that are both hollow and full. The EP’s […]