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Much To Love About Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Latest Release

Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s latest release, Multi-Love, takes the sound of the band’s previous albums and mixes it with a laid back funk. While there have always been some funk elements buried in Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s material, Multi-Love brings it to the forefront without forgetting the other parts of the band. The opening and title track of the album […]


Top 10 Indie Pop Albums of 2014 [Brian Clifton's Picks]

10 Tough Love by  Jessie Ware. Jessie Ware’s Tough Love is full of reverbed instruments and powerful vocals. Stradling the live between dreampop and RnB, Tough Love keeps the focus on Ware’s crystalline vocals while shifting the instrumentals from pop to a more RnB feel. The self-titled track is tell-tale of the album as a whole. […]

Sinoia Caves’ Beyond The Black Rainbow Is Your New Favorite Soundtrack

Beyond The Black Rainbow wraps its ethereal grooves around intensely dark and pummeling drums to transform the record into a wormhole with one end in the future and one end in the dystopian sci-fi riddled 80s. Although, I must admit to being ignorant to the film, Beyond The Black Rainbow, the soundtrack proves an aural experience that can […]

Sharon Van Etten Streams Album ‘Are We There’

Sharon Van Etten’s May 27th release date for her new album, Are We There, is only a week away but is currently available to stream via iTunes Radio.  Jagjaguwar already put out three of the album’s eleven tracks: “Taking Chances,” a song textured by the juxtaposition of stripped down drum beats with a bright and resonant chorus; “Every Time the Sun Comes […]

S. Carey Is Scary (Good)

  For an album composed of such minimal parts (a sparkle of guitar, a distant kick drum, fragmented lyrics), S. Carey’s Range of Light holds the same expansiveness of a mountain range seen from an airplane. And perhaps it’s this counterbalance between large and small scopes that makes the album surprisingly dense while allowing the space for the […]

Angel Olsen’s Latest

  There’s a piece of conventional folk wisdom which posits “smaller scorpions are more dangerous than the large one,” and while the legend has no logical grounding, it’s continued to linger around in our collective conscious. So much so that Indiana Jones doled out the advice. In zoology, it’s akin to colossal elephants cowering in […]