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Interview with See Through Dresses

See Through Dresses, Omaha’s shoegaze sweethearts, have recently embarked on a month-long tour, hitting the midwest, south, and up the east coast. Tomorrow night, along with the Author and the Illustrator, See Through Dresses will be performing a free, all-ages in-store at Mills. The band was nice enough to answer a few questions of mine.¬† […]

Interview with Sid Yiddish, MRC’s Feb. 22nd In-Store Performance

Tonight, February 22nd, local despaircore king Folkicide and his exuberant buddy Sid Yiddish will be performing in our store. To get everyone pumped for the show, I had a nice chat with Chicagoan Sid Yiddish, who is best described as someone you’ll have to see to even remotely understand. Remember, Mills shows are free and […]

An Interview With David Bennett of Akkilles

Brian Clifton: So, as a Classicist, I first noticed that you use the traditional Greek spelling of Akkilles for your band name. How did that come about? David¬†Bennett: As an undergrad, I studied philosophy, but I also studied classical Greek. And I was really struck with Homer, especially the Odyssey, so it came from there. […]


Interview: The Author and The Illustrator

The Author and The Illustrator are a niche band. They create a sound that no other band in KC can replicate. At their Wednesday night practice, the four dudes were sweet enough to answer my questionnaire. Who is The Author and The Illustrator? Zack Hames-Guitar, Vocalist, Lyricist Cliff Mills-Bassist Josh Legler-Guitarist Ian Dobyns-Drummer Describe your […]