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Waxahatchee, Weyes Blood @ Jackpot Music Hall

Rarely does a show bill and a venue line-up as superbly as Sunday’s show at Jackpot Music Hall. Featuring the distortion dusted folk-inspired indie of Waxahatchee and the ever expanding avant-folk of Weyes Blood, the show is sure to please no matter where it’s held. That said, there’s something beautiful about having two acts whose […]


The Record Machine Presents: Westerners, Your Friend, Sound of Ceres

This Sunday, The Record Machine will present a dynamite show at The¬†Replay Lounge. The show will feature local legends Your Friend and Westerners as well as the Fort Collins duo Sound of Ceres. I don’t think I could dream of a better line-up for a show than this. Each band brings a unique spin to […]

“Wide Awake” ft. Cat Power- J Mascis

  On “Every Morning,” the first single from J Mascis’ new solo album Tied to a Star, the Dinosaur Jr. singer/guitarist was struggling to get through the day; “Every morning makes it hard on me,” he depressingly whined. To summon the strength to head out into world he had to softly beg “Oh baby won’t […]

Middle of the Map Fest (Friday Night) Review

Fellow Kansas Citians, consider Friday night at the well-curated Middle of the Map Fest to be revenge straight from 1985, a night when denizens of Missouri’s other major-city came into town and took the 816 by storm. Save for a few centurion-like bands standing at the walls to keep marauders out, Friday night was an […]

Angel Olsen’s Latest

  There’s a piece of conventional folk wisdom which posits “smaller scorpions are more dangerous than the large one,” and while the legend has no logical grounding, it’s continued to linger around in our collective conscious. So much so that Indiana Jones doled out the advice. In zoology, it’s akin to colossal elephants cowering in […]

“Hi-Five”-Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen’s 2012 debut Half Way Home arrived as a collection of spindly, haunted folk tunes. “Forgiven/Forgotten”, the first single from the forthcoming Burn Your Fire For No Witness¬†added a great deal of sinew to those ghostly apparitions. Guitars fuzzed and drums bore out their own rudimentary course. And then there was Olsen, continuing to […]