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Manor Fest 2 Sneak Peek 2

Last week, I wrote about a few of the acts that will be playing Manor Fest 2. From blues to hip hop, indie pop to unadulterated rock, the two day festival operating out of a house in Shawnee Mission will feature music that will couple perfectly with the laid back summer vibes. Manor Fest is […]


Manor Fest 2 Sneak Peek

Summer is the official festival season. From Middle of The Map to Center of the City, from The Westport Roots festival to Porch Fest, Kansas City has more multiple day concert series than we collectively know what to do with. And in the coming weeks, we’ll have another. Manor Fest began last year and after […]


BUMMER, Dodecad, Buildings, and Microdoser @ Chum Bucket

Summer is the season for house shows. Of course, they happen all the time, but there’s something about summer’s extended daylight, the sweat, the ability to be outside without freezing to death, the feeling of a cold beverage in the hand that make house shows all the more appealing. This Thursday, there’s going to be […]


The Body, Tongues, and Faultfinder Live!

Kansas City will not slow down when it comes to live music. Coming off the smorgasbord of indie that was Middle of The Map, the city is shifting things to a heavier place. The next few days will be full of concerts that showcase Kansas City’s doom/noise/metal scene. Whether it’s 34 and friends on the […]


House Show Alert: Chasm, Bad Ideas, Arc Flash, Gland

House shows are the life blood of local music–especially in Kansas City. With venues closing, charging an arm and a leg for tickets, and only hosting shows that are 21+, with musicians that don’t play with local acts, house shows are the best way to catch some of the phenomenal music being made in the […]


Bring Out The Punks: Wednesday Show

This Wednesday will welcome back Bad Dinner with a punk-as-all-get show. Featuring the LA hardcore outfit Left Astray, distortion-heavy WOUNDED KNEE, and KC thrash punks Roach Blunt, the show will be early but not without the required heaviness. Roach Blunt (or Blunt Roach) mixes guitars and keys and vocals and feedback and drums to make […]


Kurt Vee, Acoustic Guillotine, Gnarly Davidson @ Vandals

This Friday will have no shortage of great shows. From Mills Record Company’s in store with Admiral of the Red and The Thunderclaps to the She Plays Replay event at The Replay Lounge, March 6th will buzz with amplifiers and spit-soaked mics. Adding to the evening’s fray, Vandals sets the stage for three bands making […]