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Eyes of Iolite, Hossferatu, and Inner Alter @ Replay

I’ve written before how diverse and great Kansas City’s heavy scene is. Specifically about Ignis Gratis’ shoegazy, heavy punk and Hossferatu‘s blues influenced stoner metal. As phenomenal as it is listening to some of the heaviest bands on wax, it is even more gratifying to see those bands pour out their aural doom from the […]


A Look in The Local Bin: Hossferatu, Ignis Gratis

Kansas City has one of the most diverse and deep heavy scenes around. Whether you’re looking for doom, crust, metal, prog metal, punk, noise-rock, math-metal, or any combination of these terms, you’ll find not one but several bands that make a beautiful amount of noise. Two bands that show the breadth of the heaviness spectrum […]

bdod live

Live Tonight: Week of January 19th – January 25th: Happy MLK Day!

Happy Martin Luther King day! I would tell you to use the holiday to treat yourself to some live music, but it doesn’t look like there’s much going on during MLK Day this year. Which is okay! Take some time to get ready for the rest of the week, which looks to be just as […]

Gregg Todt

Gregg Todt Discusses Kansas City Music Scene, Vinyl + More

When I was a kid, my mornings revolved around one thing and one thing only: The Johnny Dare Morning Show on 98.9 The Rock. I have many fond memories of listening to – and later working for – the show. I still crack up thinking about some of the things I heard and witnessed, and […]