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Top Ten Albums of 2016

Honorable Mention: Summertime 06 by Vince Staples. The only reason this record is an honorable mention is because it didn’t hit wax until the day before my list last year was made. Vince Staples might single-handedly save hip-hop, and he’s only warming up with Summertime ’06. 10 Princess by Abra. Technically an EP, Princess by ABRA is dark […]


Heron Oblivion’s Spooky Debut

Rarely does such beauty and psychedelia come together so naturally as it does in Heron Oblivion‘s self-titled debut. The band’s facebook describes their sound as funeral folk, and it is precisely that. With Meg Baird’s folky and otherworldly vocals and Ethan Miller’s and Noel Von Harmonson’s fuzzed over psychelic guitar riffs, Heron Oblivion’s talents are as […]


3/4/2016 New Releases @ Mills Record Company

A Day To Remember — Old Record (picture disc limited to 2,000) A Day To Remember — What Separates Me From You (picture disc limited to 2,000) A Day To Remember — homesick (picture disc limited to 3,000) A Day To Remember — For Those Who Have Heart (picture disc limited to 3,000) Anenon — […]