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bummer spank cover

Bummer’s “Spank” set to tear your head in half

You can’t fake heavy. It’s more than just distorted guitars, harsh vocals and immense volume – it’s an indefinable quality that, to put it simply, you either have or you don’t. For Olathe’s Bummer on their new EP “Spank,” heavy is never in short supply. Opening track “Estocado” has all the heaviness of a Fu […]

blackdeath fest header

Blood War: KC Blackdeath Fest in Kansas City, MO 04/17 – 04/18

It’s rare enough to find a couple of people in the Bible Belt who share an interest in extreme music, but a festival full of them? That’s unheard of. This is Missouri – this is the Midwest. We’re all about country music and gospel hymns, right? The first annual KC Blackdeath Fest changed all that […]

lord dying band

Hail Iommi: Lord Dying’s Poisoned Altars Strikes Heavy

It can be easy to get caught up in creating a beautiful soundscape and layering sounds upon sounds to create the most beautiful possible atmosphere in music. That’s why it’s good that a band like Lord Dying comes around every so often with an album like Poisoned Altars to remind everyone that dirty, grinding, heavy […]

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Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2014 [Jackson May's Picks]

2014 was another outstanding year for heavy metal! With the emerging sludge/black metal scene probably becoming the next big thing in 2015, we saw mainstream recognition of awesome bands like Pallbearer and Morbus Chron, the return of legends Eyehategod and Godflesh and Kansas’ own Origin may have had their best year as a band. Check […]

Metal Gods: Judas Priest Live in Kansas City 10/21/14

After a blistering 100-minute set comprising of hit songs, deep cuts and a smattering of new songs, the crowd of thousands at the Midland theater were reminded of one thing as they exited the venue: after 44 years, Judas Priest has still got it. Forming as Judas Priest in 1970, the quintessential heavy metal band […]

clutch flyer

Show Preview: Clutch at the Midland 09/18

  Clutch is an anomaly. The Maryland-based band is in their 24th year of existence after tirelessly touring for most of that time and releasing an expansive and eclectic discography that has captivated everyone from casual fans of blues and ’50s rock and roll to the most die-hard of metalheads. Somehow, Clutch has tapped the […]

St. Joe’s Kilmaat poised to unleash Architect Of Human Failure

  Strange things are afoot in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The city, about an hour north of Kansas City, isn’t really known for its music scene, but local metallers Kilmaat are looking to make a name for themselves with the release of their debut album, “Architect of Human Failure.” Vocalist William Seay describes the band’s sound […]

The Pitch Music Awards Preview: Metal

Unluckily for The Pitch, picking a local band to be crowned “Best Metal” is one of the hardest decisions they could possibly have. Kansas City’s heavy metal scene is one of the most diverse and talented in the country. Nods to every genre from power metal to viking metal, Kansas City does not skimp out […]

ume stock

Ume 3/24 at Czar Bar

The novelty of hard-rock/heavy metal bands with female singers has worn off a bit since the early to mid 90s. And that’s a good thing for a group like Ume. Singer/guitarist Lauren Larson has the guitar chops and the charisma to lead the trio well beyond their current profile, and to be taken seriously as […]


Progressing the Progressive: Between the Buried and Me live at The Granada in Lawrence, KS 03/07/14

    This isn’t your grandpa’s progressive music. Between The Buried And Me headlined a progressive music package at the Granada Friday night that included three other bands that are continually pushing the package for conventional music, and ever pushing the “progressive” moniker to places it hasn’t been before. A very full Granada Theater was […]

Hate. Scorn. Brevity. – Primitive Man live at the Jackpot in Lawrence, KS 03/05/14

Denver’s sludge-trio Primitive Man brought their crushing brand of doom metal to the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence Wednesday night, ripping out the eardrums of the moderate crowd in attendance, although not long enough for them to leave permanent hearing damage. Primitive Man (L-R) is: Isidro Soto (Drums), Ethan McCarthy (Guitar/Vocals), Jonathan Campos (Bass)   Primitive […]


With Oden On Their Side: Amon Amarth live at The Granada 02/09

“Oden! Guide our ships Our axes, spears and swords Guide us through storms that whip And in brutal war” These lines from Amon Amarth’s “The Pursuit Of Vikings” were chanted so loudly by a packed house at the Granada on Sunday night that people passing by the venue outside might have mistaken it for a […]