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Goat’s Requiem Is An Ambitious Flight

Goat has been a driving force in the psych revival community. The Swedish band’s quick-paced songs kick from their first moment to their last–whether on record or during their high-energy live performances. Their most recent release, Requiem, shows a band that has grown past their roots and are now reaching toward something more ambitious (even if […]


New Releases 10/7 @ Mills Record Company

Take a listen to these New Releases via our Youtube Playlist! Balance and Composure — Light We Made The Beach Boys — Good Vibrations (includes variations, live versions, and alternate versions of songs) The Beach Boys — Surfer Girl (reissue) Blink 182 — Blink 182 Boxset (180 gm vinyl, includes 7 albums on 10 LPs, […]


Liima iis Perfect for Spriing

What happens when you mix Destroyer’s almost elegaic voice with buzzing, noise filled synths? Liima‘s debut, ii. The quartet makes europop weird and fresh without succumbing fully to the temptation to devolve into a purely dance-fueling sound. While ii has definite dance currents running through it, there’s enough noise and slow burns to keep its textures nuanced […]


It’s Time For Fun with GOAT

Coming off their 2014 release, Commune, GOAT wasted no time recording new material. The Swedish band puts on shows that can only be described as big. The stage production, the performance, the music–all of it translates to something larger than life as it blares from whatever PA tries to transmit the frequencies of GOAT’s frequently […]

GOAT Communes With The Gods of Psych-Pop

GOAT‘s music entraces. It fills the room with its malleable soundwaves. Listening to one of their records invokes a ritualistic almost-hypersensitivity to how everything blends into each other. It’s as if GOAT records more than music. It’s as if they record the vibrations that worm into the very core of existence. Their latest, Commune, finds […]