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Get Up Kids

6/8/18 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story — The Soundtrack Black Sabbath — Supersonic Years: The Seventies Singles Boxset (10 Rare 7” Singles in Color Sleeves / Remastered w/ Original Edits / Includes New Liner Notes) Brian Jonestown Massacre — Something Else Childqueen — S/T (Limited Edition Colored Vinyl / Digital Download Included) Colin Stetson — […]

Neko Case

6/1/18 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Alan Silvestri — Predator OST (2xLP Gatefold Edition / Blood Red & Blue Spatter Vinyl / Ltd to 900 Copies) Alien Weaponry — Tu Behemoth — Messe Noire Ben Howard — Noonday Dream (2XLP 180gm Vinyl / Gatefold Sleeve / Digital Download Included) Blind Melon — Nico (1996 Compilation / First Time EVER on Vinyl!) […]


1/19 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Anvil — Pounding the Pavement Aretha Franklin — Lady Soul (50th anniversary pressing, 180 gram vinyl) Atheist — Jupiter (Sun Yellow 45rpm Vinyl / Poster Included / 300 Copies) Belle Adair — Tuscumbia (Digital Download Included) Belle and Sebastian — How To Solve Our Human Problems Pt. 2 (12″ EP) Blade Runner — Original Motion […]


Live Tonight: Week of September 26th – October 2nd: It’s Basically Halloween

  Monday, September 26th Daikaiju with The Wrong Alice, Contraktor, ITNA at Davey’s Uptown 8 PM $6 Sick Puppies with Shadowsin, Through Fire, One Less Reason 8 PM $18 IAMX at Riot Room 8 PM $20 Junior Boys with Egyptrixx, Boyrs at recordBar 9 PM $15 Tuesday, September 27th Blood Incantation with Slut Gutter, Moonsick […]


Top Ten Performances Of 2015: Jackson May’s Picks

  Honorable Mention #1 WAYFARER 05/31 – Riot Room in Kansas City, MO These guys are so awesome. A really great, young atmospheric black metal group – like Agalloch but way cooler. I saw them at the amazing KC Blackdeath Fest​ and knew I needed to see them again ASAP, and luckily they played on […]


Come Together As One: Ghost Live in Lawrence, KS 10/05/15

For about the past five years, no recent heavy metal band has had more crossover mainstream appeal and more dissent among fans than Sweden’s occult outfit Ghost. Formed in 2008, Ghost has experienced a massive boost in popularity partly due to the now-dead phase of occult rock/metal the genre went through (which they partly kickstarted) […]

kraftwerk header

Live Tonight: Week Of October 5th – October 11th: Robot Music Edition

I don’t mean to get extra giddy, but the fact that Kraftwerk are playing at The Midland on Friday is something to be excited about. A legendary band doesn’t stop in Kansas City all too often. If synth and computer music aren’t your digs, however, there’s plenty more to get excited about in and around […]


8/21/15 New Releases at Mills Record Company

Aphex Twin – Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08 LP Autobahn – Dissemble (Gatefold packaging) LP Babes in Toyland – Fontanelle LP C418 – Minecraft Volume Alpha (Includes free download) LP Chungking – Defender LP Dangerdoom – The Mouse and the Mask (Gatefold packaging, transparent outer sleeve) 2XLP Deathrite – Revelation of Chaos LP Deradoorian – The […]